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Today, I saw a pregnant woman fall off her moped. As I helped her back up, I asked if her baby was okay. I was then blindsided by her brick of a purse while she screeched, "I'm not pregnant!" FML
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never assume a woman is pregnant unless its extremely obvious

perdix 29

If you were a plumpa humpa, you could have said, "I'd be happy to get you there, ma'am."


xlilmickiix 0

alright this story is a million years old. u deserve it for thinking she's pregnant -_-

At least she helped her back up? o.o Blindsided for acts of righteousness. -Another reason to be evil. >:D

sounds like that moped should be riding her if she's truly that fat...

Do unto others before they do unto you.

It's like an electric scooter for alcoholics nerds and people who can't drive.

Brittney_E 0

shoulda told her to get off of pms cause excersise is good for cramps and while shes doing it maybe she'll lose some weight and then u wont mistake her as prego. psychotic bitchh (: jus sayin haha

I think "moped" is short for motorized pedal bike.

smdbeeach 0

lol i like how in the fml it still says "i say a pregnant woman fall"

samooooth!! haha why would you ask if the baby's ok?! like how would she even know haha. c'mon think!! sheesh 

KingDingALing 9

You should've went ghetto and say "Well excuuuusee mee, girlll" :D ^ failed attempt at trying to be funny :(

well I hope u never hurt your back trying to lift her

Prodigy7 4

KingDingALing, you may not be funny, but at least you know when you've failed.

KingDingALing 9

Thanks 102...that makes me feel A LOT better...

the_flirtt 0

haha fat chick riding a moped haha

this whole FML could just be I saw a pregnant woman fall off her moped. lmao

'Excuse me is your baby okay?' 'Ya i'll just use the sonagram i carry around with me' XP

lmao I laughed so hard just imagining that

rzbt21 0

how the hell would she even know? dumb question

mrcoolkid566 0

wow lmao that sucks well next time laugh at her and don't help her

haha wow. her fatness is the ultimate fail!!

BahahahLOL 0

while she was walking away you should have said "then lose some ****** weight"

tooGee24 0

u should of nevr helpd her upp && u should of dropped her ass after she hit u. ydi

Prodigy7 4

LOL, Siji. That made me laugh till I almost pissed myself. By the way, I think you should help out KingDingALong

Op, never assume that a woman is pregnant just because they look like it.

lovemysnubber 0

I always read mo-ped like mop-ed at least you'll never see her again

so true. it's not like she can ask the baby it's status.

terranada 3

how wuld she even kno if her baby was ok if she's still "pregnant"? ydi

never assume a woman is pregnant unless its extremely obvious

alaskan420 0

exactly. when have you ever seen a pregnant woman on a moped?

Actually, just never say anything unless you know her, and know she's pregnant. I've known some women who looked like they were extremely, obviously pregnant when they actually weren't. And I'm not just talking big bellies, either; I mean the swollen-looking breasts, chubby faces, comparatively small arms and legs, and the walk.

yeaah, you should be positive of things like that.

Chrisskiies 0

Agree with Jane, unless you want to risk it and get attacked by a large woman or large feminine looking man, don't. lol

Why not? Might not be the safest thing but I'm sure some pregnant woman would. Hell, if I had a moped I'd drive it even tho I'm prego

lmfao right? a fat person on a moped is way more typical then a pregnant woman on a moped... ydi

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sourgirl101 28

Haha, I thought you were trying to say "snot".

so was I lololololololololololololololololololol

fsck that, if a woman is fat enough to look pregnant it's time she was made aware that she should put down the fork and hit the gym.

yeahh I agree , never ask a woman if she's pregnant , unless you are like 10000% sure ,

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a chick just has oddly displaced fat or if she's pregnant. So yea, FYL, you were trying to help!

catalystics 2

don't worry karma will get her when she's out in the middle of the street cuz her moped dies

MrFerret 0

So what your basically saying it's not worse than crack or risking a moped ride? So why bring it up? Your friends baby was fine she smoked so what?

BoyBeyond 0

My reaction too. LOL you should of then step back a couple feet screamed out fat whale then run. It would be hilarious seeing a guy being chased by a fat lady on a moped swinging her purse like a warrior.

LOL? Why don't people write properly these days: if someone says "LOL" or "OMG" what emotion does that bring to the conversation?

Well, maybe a loud laugh or a shocked emotion?

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-35 It's their pathetic attempt to get first, and she failed miserably.

fmlbrooo 0

176, Dude, what are you talking about.

On the one hand, you were trying to help. On the other hand, this would be extremely rude and insensitive to a person who's fat enough that they get confused for being pregnant a lot. Not sure how to vote.

perdix 29

If you were a plumpa humpa, you could have said, "I'd be happy to get you there, ma'am."

perdix i think im in love with you an i dont even know if youre a boy or girl. youre my new hero(: your comments are usually funnier then the FML

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perdix 29

Thanks, CBear. I'm male, BTW.

why is perdix's comment so funny, I don't get it at all!

perdix 29

joseph, the woman on the moped was fat, not pregnant. A "plumpa humpa" is a person who is sexually attracted to fat people. After committing the faux pas of guessing she was pregnant, he could have recovered by offering to make her pregnant (if you don't know how that works, Google it.) I hope that clear things up.

#230 Plumpa Humpa? LOL! We call them Chubby Chasers here in Great Britain.

We call them chubby chasers in Canada. And I've only heard americans say chubby chaser. I think plumpa humpa is just gangsta talk, not localized.