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Today, I bumped into a lady in the New Jersey airport. After I politely apologized she said, "Watch your step, asshole." FML
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Manners went out of style in the early 90's. It seems you won't make it anywhere in this world if you're polite to others. People seem to take it the wrong way and see you as even more of an asshole than you really are. If you were even one in the first place.

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The correct response was"**** You!!"


Manners went out of style in the early 90's. It seems you won't make it anywhere in this world if you're polite to others. People seem to take it the wrong way and see you as even more of an asshole than you really are. If you were even one in the first place.

Wrote all that and still got first. Good job.

I cheated, darling, and edited while I still had time. Originally it was just the first statement.

it's not just people in new jersey.. come to vegas.. or really any other place besides tiny towns.. not a fml, just a fact of life

Pyrite is SO much worse! You're considered rude if you're being polite. Fuhohohoho!~ Such a backwards town! Oh, but I love it so!~

I would have told her to watch her step before she had the chance to tell me to. oh, and promptly followed by a simple "**** you"

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Haha maybe it wasn't a lady but a dude.

40 maybe you need to put a shirt on.... jezzzz!!! OP wheres the fml.... most people are rude and disrespecfull... its just life so get over it!!!!

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Well, I'd like her to put some clothes on, those are pretty saggy ( . )( . ) you have a kid?

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I'd be bitter too if I lived in New Jersey

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im from vegas and im not rude, people these days

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-37 People in Texas are nice, where the hell do you live? And in general, USA is more polite than the rest of the world

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USA is more polite? I am pretty sure the US has firmly cemented itself as the prime asshole of the world. But do not worry, the US will be supplanted by China in the very near future.

#21 very clever, never thought of that. OP: Shit happends. did you really had to post this on FML? definitly not deserved but neither a FML...

Wait, people actually wear clothes while commenting? *blush* 25: Not in Nashvegas. In a lot of Southern cities, people are generally nice to your face. They make up for it once you're out of earshot. :}

Stay in LA or Southern California. People will apologize if they're even slightly in your way or brush by you. It's super chill.

54 - because you're looked at as easy if you take pictures in just a bra.

I live in NYC and most people are pretty nice actually, the rude people come from jersey

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it's ok she's from the jersey shore.

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I agree. And plus, it's f***ing JERSEY man.

that's jersey for ya. oh, sorry, joisey. forgot the accent

No. The only people who say "joisey" are Jersey-wannabes. I'm from Jersey and if you were to say "joisey" you'd get hit in the face.

you should be like shut up bitch and I hope ur flying back to kitchen! that would shut her up.

I watched a documentary about this on BBC, Britain is the worst in Europe due to less holidays, more minimum working hours, etc. Don't know about the USA.

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Actually, the ignorant, judemental people with no common sense are from NY.

114 texans aren't nice (and I'm saying this bcuz I've been a Texan all my life)

you shouldn't have bumped into a jersey shore cast member then

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come to New York !!! ? everyone's in a rush no one cares for manners !!!

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114- I wouldn't say America is more polite then the rest of the world, but there are worse countries.

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The correct response was"**** You!!"

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no no no. it's "**** you too, bitch." then you walk away.

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maybe she was just having one of those days where everything Iis going wrong

I'm pretty sure the correct response is a punch to the FACE!

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no, not evry1 in nj are rude bitches.. i live in nj and the people are very friendly where i am

what do you expect its jersey have you ever watched that episode of south park lol

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dude. it's. new. jersey. new. jersey. NEW. JERRRSSSSSEEEEEYYYYY. that's what happens in NEEEEEEWWWW JEEEERRRRRSSSSEEEEYYYY

How is this even an FML? It's not like your life is over because some woman didn't accept your apology...

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I think South Park did it best. "**** You New Jersey!"

well we are talking about new jersey here..

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Yeah, was just about to say. 90% of people in Jersey don’t say a sentence without cursing and most of the time it’s as a compliment lol

Unless it was really phrased, "************! Watch your ******* step, ******* asshole," that is polite, especially for an airport in New Jersey.

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^ This. It's even more true if the woman was an NJ native.

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What does everyone have against New Jersey?

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not everywhere in jersey is like this everyone hahaha I'm from jersey people from parts are crazy mother ******* the rest are just chill hahaha(:

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Hopefully you then got on an airplane and got the **** out of New Jersey.

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say, oh did I say excuse me? I meant GET THE **** OUTTA MY WAY FATASS BITCH

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u r def sexy. and i'm from NJ and not everyone there is rude like that

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thank you :) & that's good to know

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Anyone who talks to you is. :]

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duh op! new jersey is the rudest state on the east(also the best)lol ydi for being polite in new jersey.

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whaa??? nooo!! ur jus mad cuz ur from somewhere like nebraska or vermont, places no one talks about. STATE HATER! :p

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I'm sorry but any respect for new jersey I might of had, was killed by jersey shore...

hell no ? New York is the best ? but new jerseys not bad

Umm, it's all stereotypes. I'm from Jersey, no one ever acts like the shit you see on there.

148 New Jersey does not suck at all it's my home town I live it there but it all depends on where you are and who you meet

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Not the rudest, we just don't pretend to like you. If someone in jersey asks how you are doing, it is because they give a shit and actually want to know. I'll take the curse laden honestly over false kindness any day.