By lexii - 05/05/2012 05:01 - United States

Today, while trying to kill a spider in my kitchen, I thought it would be wise to throw a bottle at it. The bottle hit the wall, bounced off the fridge and hit me in the face. The lucky spider crawled away, and is surely still laughing somewhere. FML
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When is it ever wise to throw a bottle at a living thing?

"I thought it would be wise." You know it's a YDI when...


When is it ever wise to throw a bottle at a living thing?

Have you seen that clip of Justin Bieber geting hit by bottle? I'd say that was a wise move. Although, I'm not sure he qualifies as a living thing, he's more like a virus.

Why didn't you just pick it up and release it outside? There was no need to try and kill it.

@12 Please don't insult the noble virus. Justin Bieber is a rare example of Canadian rudeness.

blackheart24 10

18- Justin Beiber is a bad example of what happens when the condom breaks.

27 - your profile picture is false. You were never physically a sperm; you were an egg at your youngest.

Usually if it's a spider it's a great thing!!! And will have to agree with 12! LMAO

Use lighter + any flammable chemical sprayer That would be wiser. 2-3rd degree of burned hands + possible permanent blind because of explosion. These are the possible dangerous bonus conclusions but sure you would kill that bitch if you aim well enough. Use it with your own risk.

37- you forgot burned down kitchen, but it'll be worth it to take out that spider. >:|

Bottle throwing is a sport in Russia.

YeahCourse 4

Molitovs, my friend..... Molitovs..

jerseyboy732 16

or you could have hit it and it could have released a thousand of its offspring in your house

_ebbonyy 11

If OP thought it was 'wise' to try and hit itwith a bottle, then he/she probably deserves a million spider babies in the house :-p

xblair 11

Well I just hope the bottle is okay.

Why would you throw a bottle to a spider? Like come on, how big is the chance of the bottle hitting the spider? Seriously, people these days..#facepalm

always_cool758 1

y wud anyone throw a bottle at a spider... ? Next time Pls use a swatter or even ur slipper ...

_ebbonyy 11

And now, it's training, getting stronger, ready for anything else you might throw at it. I guess whatever doesn't kill you does make you stronger, haha.

Scotttles23 2

I would probably have done the same thing...

FortuneCookie3 1

and now im crawling away laughing.

I really hope you used a plastic bottle, but it's funnier to imagine you using a wine bottle or something. Next time: get a glass. Put glass over spider. Slide an old card under glass (and spider). Carry glass and card to window and release spider outdoors. Much cleaner than swatting the spider.

Clearly must have been a plastic bottle, I highly doubt a wine or beer bottle could width stand a blow to the wall and bounce back

iceblue_fml 0

Withstand? Lol it did a fat stand?

Impossible to do if the spider is over your head on a wall... I mean, unless you have sticky feet 'r something.