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  ferrousWheel  |  6

Another question might be, which drunk naked guy are you? This isn't all that uncommon in California, really. And if you're in any part of Los Angeles, drunken nudes at McDonald's are practically expected.

  Jaxx66  |  21

1 - Nah, we don't need too feel sorry for him. He will have enough of that when the hangover begins.

40 - There was a cool breeze blowing, that or he accidentally spilled one of his last drinks on himself.... And that's how the naked started.

  juunebug  |  2

#21 - No criminal charges were laid and there was no evidence to indicate he had been masturbating, sooo, nice try. Also, Kony is considered alive by all international sources so I'd love to see where your evidence is.

By  omfg_creepers  |  8

California boys? Naked infront of McDonalds ontop. Sun kiss kiss so hot it burns your Popsicle off.

By  gabrayal  |  10

i hope you got beaten down by the poilice and fined.