By smh - 13/05/2012 22:30 - United States - Sacramento

Today, if you live in California, you might have seen a crazy drunk guy naked in front of a McDonald's, waving at everyone. Yeah, that was probably me. FML
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How are we supposed to feel sorry for you?

rallets 22

either him or Jason Russell back at it again

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Another question might be, which drunk naked guy are you? This isn't all that uncommon in California, really. And if you're in any part of Los Angeles, drunken nudes at McDonald's are practically expected.

I have lived in California all my life and have never witnessed this sight!! Now I'm bummed :-(

Omg OP!! That was you!? Your penis is small. :(

1 - Nah, we don't need too feel sorry for him. He will have enough of that when the hangover begins. 40 - There was a cool breeze blowing, that or he accidentally spilled one of his last drinks on himself.... And that's how the naked started.

40 - this is why we should feel sorry.

#21 - No criminal charges were laid and there was no evidence to indicate he had been masturbating, sooo, nice try. Also, Kony is considered alive by all international sources so I'd love to see where your evidence is.

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35, me neither, although that's probably because I live in Huntington harbor with the rich people who can't afford to be seen doing anything unprofessional xD.

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Hell yeah! I see that and even more explicit things in LA and Compton lol I love my city!

#111, I live right around huntington harbor, just in the north part of hb

Lol happy meals can make ya do some crazy stuff

Hahahaha that was the funniest thing I've ever seen

I'm assuming you were on some sort of news broadcasting since all of Cali might have saw you...but don't worry after Project X, people expect that shit to happen

omfg_creepers 8

California boys? Naked infront of McDonalds ontop. Sun kiss kiss so hot it burns your Popsicle off.

Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those lyrics. Jeepers creepers, those are some lame lines....

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thejewishfuhrer 17


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Nice try. But, please don't attempt that again..

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You had a bad childhood didn't you?

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Guys I formally apologize for this wreck of a comment.

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I thought it was semi funny lol

Haha, the thread itself was hilarious! I'm at work cracking up :-) Thanks guys.

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Jeepers creepers 45 your a dumb ass:)

glutgyoogle 6

Those aren't even the lyrics...

Of the simple fact that OP has the gift of vision and can see a naked man in front of McDonalds? Hardly.

^ you need to work on your reading comprehension.

thejewishfuhrer 17

^^and don't forget his life skills

Oh..... OH. Yeah, completely misread that at 2 in the morning. Sorry.

Better be alert before making comments excuses. :p

alyrawr 2

Best fml...... Let's hear it for Californians! Gotta love us :)

i hope you got beaten down by the poilice and fined.

omfg_creepers 8

I hope you get beaten down by the spelling police and fined.

I would never wish that on anyone. Ever. No matter what the situation. I will, on the other hand say YDI OP, sorry. :)

125, then explain to me how you spell police. Because I'm sure it isn't poilice.

....I hope one day you'll learn how to spell 'police' and stop being a douche bag with no sense of humour

i hope that #9 gets thrown into a gas chamber and gassed by the grammar nazis


Sounds like you were trying to get your big Mac on.