By Amber C - 07/04/2012 03:41 - United States

Today, I realized my daughter has been in longer relationships than I have. FML
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The question is: yours and who's daughter?

The question is: What? That comment made no sense.

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"Yours and who's daughter?" "yours" referring to OP "who's" referring to the other parent It's a team effort you know.

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It would of made sense if they used the right form of 'whose'

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25, just for that, I'm going to thumb you up, thank you :)

I smell some fellow grammar nazis...

Who cares you tools? The issue isn't about grammar, it's about unwed single mothers who can't get a commitment from a decent man. Try to keep the conversation on track, that is if it wouldn't be too much trouble. God damn it, where's the mods when you actually need them?

. Hey, at least she's learning from you. I'd be proud of her if I was you

I did mean from the mother's mistakes. Not sure why this got thumbed down

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I'm not sure either. A mother should be happy if their children surpasses them in any sort of way. It means that she raised them well.

well you had a daughter out of one of those relationships so its kinda ok. morover its not much of your fault..maybe you havent met the right person yet.

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Well I'd assume you would have to have been in a longer relationship than a child would be in to have a daughter, but maybe that's just me.

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You don't need to be in a relationship to have a kid

One night stand gone wrong? A relationship that didn't last more than a few months? Rape? Sperm donation? Adoption? So many possibilities, you really don't need to be in a long-term relationship to have a child.

I don't get it... Why are you assuming this when OP even admits the daughter has been in longer relationships? I'm pretty sure OP knows better than you...

Ouch, sorry OP. look at it this way you got more game than she does... Lol

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I'm NOT one of those perverted people who constantly say "That's what she said!" but that's totally what I thought when I read your comment... I am so ashamed, lol.

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Wow, I didn't think everyone ahead of me would get so negg'd that I'd be first by default. Small win! (._/.). * *+ (.( ^ • ^ )/.) ( " )__( " ) YAY! throw confetti!

That's right, everyone knows its the thickness that counts, not length...

What do you mean by this? You haven't had many relationships or your daughter has had a lot of relationships?

Edit: Ignore this comment, I misread longer with "lots."