By Megan

Weren't there two girls?

Today, I was at my boyfriend's in a back room that wasn’t connected to the main house. I really had to pee, but neither of us wanted to go into the house, so he told me to just go outside in a cup. I ended up having diarrhea in a cup in my boyfriend's backyard. FML
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Top comments
  Glowworm56  |  25

Truth be told, the "Diarrhea Song" has been around longer than Dave Chapelle. (Never knew he did a segment on it) I recall kids singing it once while in the after school program years ago.
Thought I'd make up my own verse that was fitting.

By  Catlover1130  |  14

You deserve it just based on the fact that you were too damn lazy to go into the house.

By  JillianJuneBug  |  39

Were you planning to hold onto your cup of pee until you went back into the house?