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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

I beg to differ, boxes of cat litter, ever carried those? I go to the gym 4 days a week and those are still a bitch to carry, some things are just ridiculously heavy, and keep in mind she could be carrying bags of paper towel... And other light stuff.

  justmeCee  |  16

Really? Last week I carried a 7kg bucket of cat litter, along with two 12 packs of water, four 6 packs of 710 ml pop, and a few other random things from the store to my house, trudging through the snow and extreme cold. About a 20 minute walk. I'm only 106 pounds. Lol. I used a backpack and enviro bags tho.

  Mandaeryn  |  10

I thought it was pretty obvious. No matter what's in those bags, he should at least be able to carry two. If not, sounds like he's a little bitch. How does that not make sense? Please inform me.

By  Kiki242  |  19

Maybe your bags were just heavier than hers. Or your wife is just very physically strong for a woman. Myself doing martial arts I'm pretty strong for a female. Don't let it get you down. Not all women are going to be weaker than the average guy.

  EdenCrystal  |  21

Women aren't drastically weaker than men. I have no idea why everyone thinks that, but for a woman to be considered "very strong" simply because she can carry a lot of groceries at once, well, that is just incredibly insulting. And please, if you want to say that a woman is strong, DO NOT add on "for a woman", she is just strong. When people say stuff like "she is very strong, for a woman", it really pisses me off.

By  NotInUse22  |  16

Do you even lift?