By weak - 23/02/2014 14:36 - United States - Columbus

Today, I was helping my wife bring in the groceries. She was able to carry 4 bags and a jug of milk. I was struggling with 2 bags. FML
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this really depends on what was in the bags. It's still not a big deal though. Women can be stronger too.


He doesn't need to if he can accept the fact that his wife is stronger than him, also assuming that her bags weighed a higher total weight than his.

zidiko 10

Maybe he was just carrying two really heavy bags?

Or he could just practice with the groceries at home, rather than spend money on a gym membership.

Yeah it all depends what was in his 2 bags

buttcramp 21

maybe the wife just has more practice with doing the grocery shopping. sure it sucks but at least your wife has it goin' on, OP!

jmx14 12

Well that depends on what the bags contained. However, it was something lighter then what she had you are really weak man.

Or she's a bodybuilder... Because I don't know anyone that can carry 4 milk jugs at once...

It is not at all difficult to carry 4 milk jugs but that isn't what the FML said.

#48, I don't think I know anyone who CAN'T carry 4 milk jugs at once...

crazytwinsmom 25

Technique matters too. You can carry a lot more by sliding some bags up your arms.

You read the fml wrong. she was carrying 4 bags AND a jug of milk. so it could be anything, light or heavy.

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It doesn't matter what was in the bags. Any man should be able to carry 2 bags easily no matter what.

I beg to differ, boxes of cat litter, ever carried those? I go to the gym 4 days a week and those are still a bitch to carry, some things are just ridiculously heavy, and keep in mind she could be carrying bags of paper towel... And other light stuff.

justmeCee 16

Really? Last week I carried a 7kg bucket of cat litter, along with two 12 packs of water, four 6 packs of 710 ml pop, and a few other random things from the store to my house, trudging through the snow and extreme cold. About a 20 minute walk. I'm only 106 pounds. Lol. I used a backpack and enviro bags tho.

this really depends on what was in the bags. It's still not a big deal though. Women can be stronger too.

How does "punk ass" have anything to do with this FML? Please inform me.

I thought it was pretty obvious. No matter what's in those bags, he should at least be able to carry two. If not, sounds like he's a little bitch. How does that not make sense? Please inform me.

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Well aren't you judgmental 132.

Are you sure your wife wasn't helping you carry the groceries in? But it's most definitely time to hit that gym OP.

Is it just me, or does the first part of this comment not make sense?

Yes it's just you...everyone else completely comprehended it.

Maybe you should just put the groceries away instead

Maybe your bags were just heavier than hers. Or your wife is just very physically strong for a woman. Myself doing martial arts I'm pretty strong for a female. Don't let it get you down. Not all women are going to be weaker than the average guy.

Women aren't drastically weaker than men. I have no idea why everyone thinks that, but for a woman to be considered "very strong" simply because she can carry a lot of groceries at once, well, that is just incredibly insulting. And please, if you want to say that a woman is strong, DO NOT add on "for a woman", she is just strong. When people say stuff like "she is very strong, for a woman", it really pisses me off.

thank you. I was getting tired of all the "either you're a weak man or she's a bodybuilder" comments.