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Today, my husband got mad at me for not helping take out the groceries from the car. He yelled that I'm lazy, and that he regrets our marriage. I guess he forgot that the door handle on that side is broken and he had to let me out of the car. FML
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but did you make an effort to remind him? or did you just sit there and watch him do the work before telling him to let you out?


Tell the lazy ass to ge it fixed! After he realizes he's an asshat

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9- If you get divorced over something as simple as that, then please don't get married.

I don't think the comments is that this argument will end the marriage, but him saying he regrets their whole marriage would seem a pretty good guess divorce is in the future.

Like, why was she not yelling? Whenever I'm inadvertently locked in the vehicle, I make it well known. Quickly.

#13 why can't OP take responsibility for getting the window fixed?

Now I may be wrong but I doubt that one incident would lead to OP's husband to saying such things. I would say it's probably safe to say that there's a lot more going on then just not helping with groceries. You don't deserve it but you should be talking this out and neither of you should just be pointing fingers. When he started getting groceries you probably could've asked for him to let you out. Just saying.

I apologize that your husband would say that to you when he was at fault. -places a blue bandaid on you- hopefully that helps you feel better

He has some serious apologizing to do...

Or SHE does, if it was enough for him to make this audible, its very likely the straw that broke the camel's back. It might be a miss placed straw, but still enough. She also could have done something other than sitting there expecting to be waited on. If the delay was to the point of him being angry.. she should have taken SOME initiative either verbally, or knock, or something.

... Are you ******* stupid. Well I would think that she made some noise, but it would have been while her husband was taking groceries to the house. You literally sound sexist and like a complete utter imbecile.

So you call him stupid and sexist because he point out that we don't know the whole story and but it in another point of view? Maybe you should rethink what you said you stated "you think" but yet you don't know and call him stupid and sexist. I think you might be what you called him.

but did you make an effort to remind him? or did you just sit there and watch him do the work before telling him to let you out?

none if us have a background story. maybe OP is in fact very lazy all the time, doing half asked jobs, it gets irritating. or maybe the husband is a complete idiot. we can't jump to conclusions.

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16, I agree with 20 about how big of an idiot you are.

She may not have even gotten a chance to remind him before the yelling started. When she wasn't out of the car as quick as he was he may have made a snap judgment.

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If he were a gentleman, he would have opened her door regardless of the handle situation.

65, i dont ALWAYS open the door for my girlfriend.. unless its a special occasion. but not every time, (dropping her off at school, dropping her off back home) doesn't not make me a gentleman

What if she was a murderer? Would it make him a gentleman to release potential danger into the open world, should he swing by the closest jail, "be a gentleman" and open the door for all of the prisoners?

Damn it woman, why didn't you crawl through the window?? Everyone knows that!

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Most americans cant fit thru a window

I beg to differ. I can easily fit through windows with dimensions of a couple meters.

But dukes of hazard teaches the rest of the world that this is how Americans get in and out of cars all the time! ... The TV never lies right?

zRatio - And most morons can't use punctuation. One of us is correct. Your prospects don't look good.

29 & 34 *whispers* I think it was a joke.. There's no need to get upset..

America is fat jokes are annoying and even if you are fat you should be able to fit through a window depending really, on how fat you are.. I think the bigger issue would be having the arm strength to pull yourself out haha

That's not true!! We are extremely fit people.. Not!

If he turned off the car and they are power windows, she could not have opened them or crawled out.

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Where is it stated that OP's a woman?

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Considering that the location is Texas and gay marriage is (unfortunately) not legal there, I'd say OP is a woman.

#29 and #34, even though the joke was kind of offensive it's also sadly true :/ according to the CDC 70% of the US is overweight (including obese). So 70% (which would be most) Americans probably wouldn't fit through that car window...

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wow zratio actually made a good reference, and I didn't know doc turned into a grammar nazi, looks like we lost another one.

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100, being overweight doesn't mean you magically grow twice your size. I'll admit, i could stand to lose one or two pounds. Or 15. I can still fit through a car Window.

Yeah, dump him! (relax FMLers, I'm overreacting too)

I guess that wasn't a good way to handle the situation!

Husband: "Dammit Martha, do I really need to ask you to help me with groceries before you get out I the ******* car!?" OP:"But the door's broke--" Husband:"Broken!? That's your excuse? The only thing that's broken is our marriage. I'm done putting up with your bullshit." *slams door and storms into house* OP:"...could you at least let me out?" But seriously, OP, it sounds like he either has a short fuse, there have been many miscommunications in your marriage, or you've done some things that he hasn't let go to let it build up to this point. Whichever one it is, you guys might need a marriage counsellor.

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He probably wishes he married a woman who would kick the window out and let her own damn self out.

I somehow doubt it: ". . . had to let me out of the car." Reading is fundamental.

Clearly, we need more back story. However it sounds like he is projecting how he is feeling on you. He may have cheated or done something similarly wrong and now he is taking that guilt our on you....

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You acknowledge that we need more information, yet you still jump to an outrageous conclusion?