Carry her home

By Anonymous - 16/05/2014 19:02 - Canada - Gander

Today, I helped an elderly woman push her grocery cart around the store, and look for her vehicle after she'd paid. After we spent ages wandering around trying to find her car, she remembered that she'd taken the bus today. FML
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No good deed goes unnoticed, kudos to OP for being kind to the elderly. This should not be an FML at all.

friedpwnadge 25

I was not surprised that OP is Canadian.

she just wanted a nice young man to stuff her up ;)

nurchok 15

Your act makes you a good person and that's what counts. Keep it up

Hopefully you didn't have to take her groceries home for her OP.

Hey props for the help the time just wasn't right you'll get it next time

Ahhhhhh ya gotta love the elderly. They try :p

flashback.miss 28

well, nice of you to help! Hopefully you shared a laugh over it~

Hey, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped. Most people I know wouldn't have.

I hope you gave her a lift after such a disappointment!

Hopefully she remembers you in her will.