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By Anonymous - 23/02/2014 17:29 - United States - Canastota

Today, my boyfriend wanted to take our relationship to the next level. I assumed since we live together that he meant marriage. I was wrong; the next level is me jacking him off with my feet. FML
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I wonder if the next step is using your elbows..


Make sure to get your feet all smelly beforehand. That'll teach him.

"A foot wank, when using hands just isn't good enough..."

Not really, most guys with foot fetishes are into the smell.

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@#9: I'm pretty sure, since he's asking, he IS into that... Smdh

Would he even notice smelly feet? It's not like he can smell with his penis....

Id rather them be smelly cause I love feet and even more when they smell

I wonder if the next step is using your elbows..

It'd be the perfect spot to shoot his 'whites' into her mouth.

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If he gets board with that he may start using your armpits.

#32. You are officially knighted under the title of "Sir Punny". Enjoy your title. You earned it.

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please ask what it is that foot fetishers find so pleasing. its always perplexed me.

I mean try explaining why any part of the body is attractive, it just is. What's so attractive about breasts?

You're just born with it like every other fetish

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No. Some fetishes are developed over time. You're not born them.

My boyfriend has a foot fetish and he has had it since it started going through puberty, pretty much. And he is not sexually attracted to boobs or anything else. Just feet. sigh.

the part of your brain which controls the feet is closetst to the genitals compared to any other body part, so sexual arousal is often paired with it. Taadaa

To expand, you have 2 areas of your brain (these are homunculus(es?)) and are sensory and motor. They basically map how you respond to stimulations. The bit that would respond to feet would slightly overlap with the area responding to genitalia, making foot fetish not a choice, but literally compulsory.

Would this mean that we are all sexually attracted to feet? I'm not, but I'm interested in your theory.

Honestly yes, you just don't know till you try

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practice incase you lose both your arms?

Guess you found the right post then :p

Shouldn't this read "I guess *he* got off on the wrong foot" know, considering??

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don't worry. when the time is right, then everything will fall into place :)

I hope by everything you mean her foot and by into place you mean on his balls

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No it won't. No woman should ever live with a man before marriage and expect to get married. Why? Because what's the point? Assuming both OP and her boyfriend have sex and live together. The man is already getting all of the perks of being married so why spend thousands and thousands for something you basically already have? A lot of men living with their girlfriends, having sex, don't feel like marriage is necessary because there isn't a point, thus they never propose. I'm going to marry my girlfriend so that I can live with her, have sex, start a family, and be happy. If I already get all of that, why marry? My suggestion is for girls to never live with their boyfriends expecting marriage because lots of the time, it won't happen. If you are gunna live with them, at least deny them the other perks of marriage. That'll promote the will to propose. OP, still don't give up. It may happen but do not count on it.

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#62, Better hurry up and marry your girlfriend while you still know everything ;)

#62-- good for you and your beliefs, but marriage is more than living with somebody and having sex with that person. Even if two people are living together, there are still many reasons to get married (or not get married). And I hate to tell you this, but I know a lot of people (including my parents) who lived together before they got married and have had strong, long lasting marriages. In fact, out of all of my married friends I can't think of a couple who didn't live together first.

If you didn't live to together before getting married, how are you supposed to know whether or not the daily habits of your boyfriend or girlfriend's home life won't make you want to murder them? Maybe you NEED to have your bed made and neat to sleep, while they could care less and usually leave theirs in complete disarray with sheets half off the bed. Maybe they're secretly a hoarder. Maybe they hide bodies of cats they mutilated in their basement. How can you know someone enough to marry them without living with them first? Of course, if you take marriage as serious as knowing someone for a day and thinking that they are the love of your life, then perhaps you don't need the knowledge requirement of your romantic partner to get married.

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That is why you dont rush. You get to know them more than anyone else does. Learn who they are and make your choice. Know how they live before you marry. Talk with them about your future together and how things will be. I worded my last comment wrong. Marriage is about loving someone. Not just for living together and having sex. I strongly believe that sex and living together needs to only happen AFTER marriage. That is why I said what I said. Plus, when I said "I'm marrying my girlfriend so that we can live together, have sex, start a family, and be happy," that is worded wrongly. I'm marrying her because I love her but I will not do those things until after marriage. When I marry, I'll be able to do those things, which is very special in my opinion. Besides, no one should HAVE to live with someone before they know they want to marry. You are supposed to truely know someone BEFORE you take that step, BEFORE marriage. Thats what I believe in. Now if people are gunna start commenting up a storm, creating a full conversation, at least lets be respectful and civil to eachother and have a friendly debate. I respect your beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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#67, I will not try to hide this fact. I know plenty of people who lived together before marriage and ironically, my girlfriend's parents are one such couple. But my girlfriend and I made the decision to not follow in their footsteps and we will wait till after marriage. Also, I know more married couples who didnt live together before marriage than couples who did. One example is my parents. They never lived together before marriage and they are as happy as can be.

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Uhh... yeah. Boy I feel like an idiot for typing that... foot on balls!

Marriage takes trust. He trusts you so much that he's willing to allow you to go near his Nether Regions with what can result in excruiating pain..

That can't be his sole source of pleasure. Tell him it'll cost him money - he might change his mind if he has to foot the biil.

That's a strange way to go further in a relationship, OP, FYL.

A button for writing a comment saying that's a strange way to go further in a relationship?

So you're not allowed to write FML because there is a button? I'm fairly sure a lot of people do this. o.o

#29. That comment would make sense if FYL is the only thing I said.