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Today, I got into a car accident. The other party left the scene immediately after without exchanging insurance information. Deer can be so rude. FML
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It obviously didn't have the doe to pay, so it is trying to make a buck.


gunmania0 12

I wouldn't say it's the 'single best', but it is bloody funny.

tylersign 11

Is it strange that I just imagined the deer jumping up onto two legs, walking over to the car, and having a conversation with OP? I'm normal.

kwchambers92 10

It seems like deer run out in front of your vehicles on purpose. They'll wait at the side of the road as you flash the brights, but they still insist you go. So as soon as you start going again, BAM! Rams the side of your car with it's head, and just walks off like nothing happened

EnEl_Infierno 15

It was Rudolph after him and Blitzen had a few to many and he feld the scene, before Santa found out and won't let him join any reindeer games.

31 - Reindeer Games? WTF does Ben Affleck have to do with this?

Randuhh_17 4

You'd think deer would be more careful after the incident with Grandma...

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22- they do it for the insurance money.

I had a similar thing happen, but it was a horse on the freeway, we (my family) herded it off the freeway with our car, then the horse kicked our car lol

22- Jesus, you would know the exact event...

How do you not understand the Ben Afflecreference??

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Deer are out to get us. Anybody recall the story of the 3 deer breaking into a Pittsburgh bank a few years ago?

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Indeed you are, 21. Normal enough to see the pink elephant in the corner.

Try hitting a moose sometime. Not too many walk away from that.

Believe it or not he used 'sarcasm' I know I know it's a lot to comprehend but if we stick together we can get through this!

They just stand there... Personal experience...

StopDropNRoll 11

Idk many deer that have walked away from a hit and run either. That deer its a special one

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I've hit a moose before. It was scary as shit!!!! I went into a concussion but everybody was ok.

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Until the adrenaline wears off and dies.

Llamassss 21

Hopefully it's okay and OP didn't hit it too hard, but it probably has internal bleeding and will die in the wilderness.

Hey, the coyotes have to eat too. Don't think of it as the deer dying of its injuries, think of it as assisted natural selection and a happy carnivore.

Both times I've hit deer, they have definitely not been ok

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that's bad cuz the op can't even make it into a steak now

It wouldn't be steak, it would be venison!

Dude, I had that same picture as my profile pic. but I literally just changed it ! XD ^^^

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26 - my uncle says that about everythi...... wait... Mike? is that you?

Wheels on the bus go 'round 'round 'round...

Collisions usually kill them. No health insurance either.

32 - We don't have to give them a Social Security number, they can steal one just like the rest...

IDK. The one time I've hit a deer it just ran off... I hit going 45MPH. My car was dented in with a little bit of blood. Maybe it died somewhere else =c?!

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Those deer can be so rude. I hate it when they prance around like they own the forest. Its all because of bambi.

I didn't have insurance OP, I'm really sorry OP. To be fair, my cars pretty ****** up too.

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Dang Bambi, always getting in crashes.

I read your comment in Peter Griffin's voice, haha!

It obviously didn't have the doe to pay, so it is trying to make a buck.

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Since when are Patronuses solid? ;)

I truly wish I could thumb you down multiple times for that (I do not hate Harry Potter, it is one of my favorite book series)

I have bloody hogwarts as my display picture and I still thumbed you down.

I'm confused as to why this made you think of Harry Potter.

103- You obviously didn't read the books. Harrry's patronus is a deer. So is his mother and fathers. (Well his mothers was a doe)