By noodlesandmilk - 13/12/2015 14:10 - Australia - Canberra

Today, my step-brother went grocery shopping alone for the first time. He came home with Ramen and 14 bottles of chocolate milk, which will expire by the 20th. My step-dad is insisting we eat it so it doesn't go to waste. FML
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Mathalamus 24

At least it's chocolate milk.

Maybe I'm childish in this aspect, but I'm 19, and I drink at least three bottles of chocolate milk a day.

childish maybe but 3 bottles a day doesn't sound very healthy...

@59 Probably not, but I just love chocolate milk. I don't have a "stop, that's enough" button. I think I have a problem. I ran out of it the other day, and I just stared into space and contemplated my choices in life.

37 that sounds like a serious problem. like some sort of obsession issue.

tounces7 27

Are we talking about GALLONS though, or just small bottles? Because big difference between an 8 oz bottle and a 128 oz gallon.

Guys me and my two siblings can drink one full jug a day if we wanted to we did it once and my mom was like okay no more chocolate milk

He's perfected the college student food stash.

You have 6 days and at least 2 people! Thats about 3 bottles a day. YOU CAN DO IT

ShirtlessWonder 17

Sorry to break it to you, but I think you did your math wrong, bud.

Three people, 6 days, 14 bottles of milk. If each person drinks one bottle a day, they'll be gone by the end of the fifth day.

Also if you include the day this FML was submitted (13th), if they each drank 2/3 of a bottle every day they'd be finished by the 19th. Or the step-dad and step-brother could drink one a day and OP wouldn't even have to touch it (though it would probably make a nice change from the tap water since the step-brother didn't buy any other drinks)

UhHuhHoney 20

Lol lesson learned here: Step-brother is not to grocery shop without adult supervision.

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Make lots and lots of milkshakes. Might be good in some cereals too.

Coco pops in chocolate milk is the ultimate combination

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Chocolate milk is the best kind of milk though

Chocolate milk inflicted diabetes is the best kind of diabetes

I wonder if he actually went to the grocery store, or when shopping at the dollar store... either way, he needs to be a big boy before shopping alone again