By Obee - 14/04/2009 14:05 - Canada

Today, cops showed up at my apartment demanding to look inside. Satisfied with the search, they told me they had received a noise complaint. More specifically, hearing screams someone believed a girl was getting raped. I had two friends over and we had been wrestling. The three of us are male. FML
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I don't think you were just wrestling...

Well, at least they knew that there wasn't a girl involved...


Well, at least they knew that there wasn't a girl involved...

im surprised they didnt just arrest you for suspicion of a homosexual act :/.

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Sounds like a problem of yours, not theirs. ;D

lol I wonder what the police thought you'd been doing once they realized there was no girl there.

heh, this sounds like it should be an FOL: F Our Lives.

hmm...3 guys wrestling that sounded like a girl getting raped... I agree with #3

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#6: You aren't funny. Bwahah, yeahh I agree with #'s 3 & 7. I'd love to know what you were doing. Seriously now. Pahah.

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I think it is time you reviewed your civil rights. The police had no right to search your house unless you were under arrest or something illegal was in plain view.

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