By geedeewhy
Today, my period was officially 2 weeks late. I have a phobia about giving birth, so I had a panic attack, went to Walmart, spend $15 on four pregnancy tests and a drink, came home, and took the tests. All four came back negative. As I went to clean up and throw everything away, I got my period. FML
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  Quasita  |  26

When I was on the pill, I skipped a full 2 months even on sugar pills and we spent quite a bit on pregnancy tests that kept coming back negative or appearing borderline (depending on what style used). Boyfriend at the time was NOT thrilled, we tripled up most of the time but I was regular until that point, so we thought we'd had some insane luck of hitting the .01% of people. It just turned out that I was at the beginning of my epic fight against insane ovarian cysts... Going off the pill actually made it far less common for me to skip periods and I took fewer pregnancy tests while not taking birth control than when I was on it.

I always find it funny when people think BC pills solve these desperation issues and fears. BC pills ultimately screwed things up for me to the point where I can no longer have children at all. I guess in a way it worked super duper well but... More often than not, they are a cause for irregular bleeding and problems for women who had no menstrual issues prior to use.

By  MishMashMosh  |  20

Casual sex is being normalize these days ~.~ Yea 21st century stuffs

  Quasita  |  26

Doctors refuse to tie the tubes of women who are under the age of 30 because they "might change your mind" later. Also, tubal ligation is NOT a guarantee to no pregnancy. It makes it highly unlikely, but there are STILL cases of pregnancy occurring after ligation procedures, just like there are cases of men impregnating women after getting the snip. The only way to surgically guarantee that a woman will never get pregnant is to remove the uterus and tubes, and some would even argue the ovaries, seeing as women continue to ovulate as long as they have ovaries, and a fetus can grow outside of the uterus in rare cases.

By  medyas  |  11

You have a "phobia around giving birth." I have a "phobia about supporting an unexpected dependent for eighteen years." Comme ci, comme ca.