By Anonymous - 29/08/2010 07:27 - Canada

Today, I was having sex with a really hot guy, when suddenly he pulled out and told me that "he had another fat chick meeting him in twenty minutes." FML
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aw man I am SO sorry OP. He's just a cuntmonkey (lame ass insult but it probably fits him.) I hate how ppl are expected to all look slim. You probably aren't even fat at all. God, most ppl tell me I'm not fat, and my dad likes to keep calling me fat. He's just jking, or so he says, and he doesn't even realize how his "jking around" isn't even funny. It just makes me feel bad about myself. Even if you ARE a bit bigger than average, OP, I'm sure you're pretty. Skinny doens't automatically=attractive

YDI for having sex with someone outside of a good relationship.


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Just return the favor. Not that difficult. "That's okay, I have another 2-incher meeting me around that time too"

1 nice picture I can see down your shirt *stares*

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first comment, watch out for a van with no windows, 12 has his eyes on you

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12 you creeper. and that really funny op but fyl

LMAO =) but that sucks op maybe hit the gym at least you got some from a Hot guy lol

#9 LOL Yu always have the best answers :P

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Agree with 27. 12 shut the **** up. You too 38, it's called private messages. Why is it that only people without pictures seem to flirt with people in the comments section? Insecure fail =/

Flirting on FML is shit anyway, it doesn't even make sense... So stop being poofs and go to a club or somethin to get muff... "Amateurs"

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Just be glad that you got some. With how fat I'm thinking you are I bet it's been awhile and is going to be until you get some again.

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man i would have punched him in the balls

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I'm diggin' the shades 42 lol

YDI for having sex out of a relationship and expecting the guy to give a shit about you and then complaining about it. OP I hope you punched that womanizing piece of shit.

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61 wants me and she knows it ;)

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63, Sam, is that a threat? :P

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Sam, #67 asked you a question. :P

that wasn't a ques that was a statement lol :p

wow what did you expect you had sex with a random guy. ****. or maybe not a **** but you def have no morals and ***** don't either.

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lol I'm loving all these moderated comments.

I'm in bc I'll finish the job for him, maybe u aren't so thin either haa ;)

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More cushion for the pushin?

ydi for having sex with random hot guys. You clearly didn't know him very much..

He's proud of boning multiple fat chicks..? Weird..

What? Fatties need love too, but they gotta pay!

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well you should have said I have a better looking guy waiting for in 5 :)

Giggity giggity giggity giggity let's have sex!

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ydi for being out of the kitchen in the first place

and for wearing shoes. You deserve it for straying out of the kitchen and wearing shoes. Make me a sammich.

Lol! Another fat girl using FML? Never!

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he. is working hard doing overtime with fat chick lmao

I know this is very random, but 6666 people said "they agree, you're life sucks!"

C'mon OP, be creative. Your fat, just sit on him.

136 i no this is random but 2797 ppl said i agree ur life suks... u fail

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That is horrible op sorry for ur loss

I'm assuming this was meant for a different FML?

Yeah I think it was meant for the fml about the person's grandma passing away and no one from their family calling to notify them.

no this woman is fat herself she ccouldnt make fun of op cus then people would just fireback at her picture

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i like 74s answer. fat woman always standing up for eachother with so much pride. but theres nothing to be proud about.

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I know this is really late but 74 just cuz somebody has some meat on their bones does not make them fat >:0

YDI for having sex with someone outside of a good relationship.

lol wtf, welcome to the 21st century retard.

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21 just because you're a ***** doesn't mean everyone else is.

Sadly, TheWicked is right. if this keeps up, we're all gonna die.

More like you shouldn't complain about stuff like this happening if you're going to sleep with people outside a relationship.

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so they are retarded for having morals? glad to know what this world has come to.

at least u didn't get sloppy 2nds, or was there another fat chick before u??

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Horny bastard nowadays usually go for fat chicks because they are more likely to have sex because of their low self esteem.

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well, looks like you need to hit the gym a little bit.

well said. Dr. Phil/The Incredible Hulk