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By  emo_devon  |  11

aw man I am SO sorry OP. He's just a cuntmonkey (lame ass insult but it probably fits him.)

I hate how ppl are expected to all look slim. You probably aren't even fat at all. God, most ppl tell me I'm not fat, and my dad likes to keep calling me fat. He's just jking, or so he says, and he doesn't even realize how his "jking around" isn't even funny. It just makes me feel bad about myself.

Even if you ARE a bit bigger than average, OP, I'm sure you're pretty. Skinny doens't automatically=attractive


Agree with 27.
12 shut the fuck up.
You too 38, it's called private messages. Why is it that only people without pictures seem to flirt with people in the comments section?
Insecure fail =/

  FailVader  |  0

YDI for having sex out of a relationship and expecting the guy to give a shit about you and then complaining about it. OP I hope you punched that womanizing piece of shit.