Baby daddy

By Unculturedsimp - 19/05/2020 17:00

Today, my girlfriend of a year broke up with me because I got her pregnant and didn't own up to it. I wouldn't have blamed her if it didn't actually happen in her dream. FML
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She’s stupid.

You dodged a bullet


She’s stupid.

You dodged a bullet

there are so many unanswered questions and the phrasing makes this confusing

Sady_Ct 37

She had a dream where he got her pregnant, and is mad at him for not taking responsibility for the dream pregnancy, so she dumped him.

This sounds oddly familiar to the first FML 🤔

She sounds like a nut. Be glad she broke up with you

You don't need crazy like that. Run fast, run far

Leave her, the Gods gave you a warning via her dream.

Are you with the girl from a few FMLs up? She apparently was pregnant in her dream. App sharing, how cute!