By yggiz - 29/08/2010 05:02 - United States

Today, I learned to never shave your downstairs when you have the hiccups. FML
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jrojas211 0

so did u reach for a bandaid or a pad?? :-p


jrojas211 0

so did u reach for a bandaid or a pad?? :-p

Shookitup 0

why were you shaving downstairs?

ouch. next time, drink water.

If you really need to learn this please don't breed!

lol this is funny. and 13.. really??

Shookitup 0

^^^ 18 that's the joke. I'm not an idiot, thanks. :)

SupxD 0

aha @13 maybe it's a very hairy person..! ha I saw this video in helth were this woman had hair al the way to her knees... Very Gross.!

lol. I had to read this twice before it made sense to me. that has to hurtt. fyl :(

Jonsey92 0

look like the cutiest looking scene chick ever!!

advent2060 4

haha so u mean tryin to use a razor blade to give ur self a porn star hair cut whilst hiccupping uncontrolably is a bad idea??? *sarcasticly* I'm so glad u told me, I woulda been totally clueless if u hadn't LMAO

mintcar 9

Bloody hell! Ouch indeed. But I mean, your hand shakes when you have the hiccups?

I can't even find my downstairs.... =[

mintcar 9

41, that's sexy.

I shave my downstairs carpet until I reach the wood

TheyCallMeThumpe_fml 0

41 try a diet...

Griggy 0

damn... do you have a scar running across your happy place now?

bearded axe wound

In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion hiccups tonight.

mshoes12346 3

35- sry but ur pic scares me u look like a melester

hahaha 86- win!!

skullbashd 3

I miss intoxicunt snickerdoodles allmidnighteyes perdix and redbluegreen

iTaylor 0

omg 41 your picture is staring into my soul

r u a freaking idiot ydi x10

Pics or it didn't happen. LOL

My only bathroom is downstairs. grow up and say around your vagina, or you coulda just said shave your pubes

OP you are picture

I'm dumb ]: everytime I read downstairs I thought it said Armpits... WTF?

lol me too ^

duckie227 22

I'd never let you shave my downstairs...hiccups or no hiccups. shave your own

that's yucky ^^

Lol 41 has nice clevage

It's times like these that Justin Bieber is allowed to laugh in women's faces. He never has to shave his vagina.

hahahahahah wow! some people are just clueless ;)

bugmenotmofo 34


ha ha so creepy 41

krakadilian 0


iamsam2 3

lmfao!!! ill bear tht in mind:)

FFML_314 11

Never shave. Always wax.

mshoes12346 3

yes because that feels soooooo much better.... NOTTT!!!!

blo0_starZz 0

Actually, if you shave, the hair grows out faster, longer, darker, and thicker. Plus, you could get an ingrown hair 0.o"

I hate those

Very good to know ..... *sarcasm*

fmlbrooo 0

Ehwwwwww :/ Thas Nasty .

Lol I read your comment in Cleavland Browns voice hahaha

fmlbrooo 0


mend0120 0

lmfao !! #90 WIN

StormUSA 0

that's when u tell ur bf to do it 4u!

mshoes12346 3

no thats when you remember not to shave while having hiccups.. commen sense people what happened...

#6 looks like a creepy Internet predator

^ yes I totally agree lol just thinking of that!

I definately agree with #3

Well, hopefully now there’s no possible chance of you having children as stupid as yourself. (Although, I highly doubt it was to such an extreme.) ~*~PeachySweetS

Dude... You're a douche. happened in Florida.

Lizza330 28

what's wrong with Florida?

109, As a person who lives in Florida, everything.

or if u sneeze

Eva drink baileys from a shoe?

I'm olllld greehhggg (:

Do you love me? Could you ever learn to love me?

Team_Los 0

gaymes? love gaymes?

ima scaleymanfish!

YDI for thinking any good could come from shaving when you have hiccups.