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  QuaSiCos  |  10

Frankly speaking what her mom did was irresponsible. And very dangerous. There are too many accidents caused by people who text and view their mobiles while driving, because they can't pull over and do all of that while on the side of the road or completely parked. Good luck and safe driving.

  King_Nero  |  15

5- it seems the older generation does more texting and driving (or using social media in this case) than the younger drivers. My own parents are a perfect example of that.

  WaxenSecrets  |  5

It's because they think some magic amount of experience will give them the ability to simultaneously steer a motor vehicle and post on instagram.

Guys, if you can hardly pay attention to stuff while you're walking and posting, what makes you think controlling a metal death trap at 45 mph and posting would be any easier?