By katta2009 - United States

RIP in peace

Today, my grandmother died. No one called me to let me know she passed. I found out because people kept writing RIP on her Facebook wall. My siblings and I weren't even mentioned in her obituary with the other grandchildren, but they did remember to mention her dog. FML
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By  oldwiseguy  |  0

It sounds like you didn't keep in touch much with your grandma. And now you wonder why you were left out? You probably left her out of your life. I say poor grandma. This should be a lesson to all you children out there. If you still have older relatives, go visit them, get to know them, include them in your life, learn their history, in so doing learn your own history. Enrich their lives as well as your own. Don't let their passing be an event of regret!

  rebbee  |  0

Sounds like something my family would do. When my great aunt died i txtd my cousin asking where everyone was (no one was picking up their phones and my phone battery was almost flat) and if our great aunt had passed.
Her response was "how dare you ask such a thing through txt you tactless bitch"
Thanks cuz.

  WhyTheFace4  |  0

Well the family is supposed to give the paper all of the information. So I'm guessing one of your aunts/uncles don't like you guys. Although, your parents should've known and they should've told you about it.

  Link5794  |  18

#44 It's spelled origami, not orogamy. Also, 928 people are assholes

  Peachy2392  |  26

#83, how is it selfish that they posted on FML? This is what it's for..posting about bad things that have happened, some situations are more serious than others. My point is, you don't say something like that to someone who lost a loved one you insensitive prick.

  michelleJ11  |  25

57, who said they weren't close? OP's obviously upset because she was close to her grandmother. & even if they weren't close, it's probably going to sting that she & her siblings were left out of something that all of her other grandchildren were involved in.


Her grandmother passed away and instead of grieving and remembering all the good times she shared with her grandma she's pissing and moaning about not being mentioned in an obituary? Sounds to me like OP needs to get her priorities in order.

  michelleJ11  |  25

101, if all of OP's family, including her grandmothers dog, were included & OP & her siblings were the only ones that weren't, it probably isn't the best feeling. It isn't about 'getting her priorities in order', it's about the fact that what's happened isn't fair.

By  perdix  |  29

Maybe she didn't want people to know she was old enough to have grandchildren. Was she a GILF?

An older lady on Facebook sounds like a cougar on the prowl. Who's with me on this one?