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Today, I was having dinner with my boyfriend. We'd just got our food when my dad walks in, comes up to our table and says, "I didn't say you could leave, you're too young to be dating him", then drags me out of the restaurant. We are both 15, and it was my first date. FML
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Make up your mind - was he your boyfriend or was it your first date?

MidnightBlossom 2

Ahhh, young love and first dates.


MidnightBlossom 2

Ahhh, young love and first dates.

Mmmmmh..... young children.... i mean... uhm.... Ahh, delicious food. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Ahh complete embarasment :/ (spell check someone?)

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The spell check question must be a trap. it's too easy... *scans the horizon*


At #42 Your comment matches with your picture.

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Pedobear would have been a more appropriate picture for #42 LOL

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I'd never do that to my daughter. Though I have sworn to follow her in a Blackhawk and fast rope a boot to his head if he gets touchy.

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309 over-protectiveness FTW!!

My father told me that once I got a boyfriend, he'd tell him, "Whatever you do to her, I'm going to do to you."

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damn you must have an Indian dad. lol

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ha my dad would totally do that!

better for the boy he now gets more food and doesn't have to listen to her talk. I think the first date went pretty well

Make up your mind - was he your boyfriend or was it your first date?

teenagers tend to be dating, before the actual "first date" they most often meet at school.

PushMyButtons 5

I'm sure there's a possibility that it could have been both...

me an my boyfriend started to date in October but we hung out all the time but an actual date dinner was in December that was our first date if u wanna look at it that way

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then teenagers are idiots.

Remember at that age all you had to do to be some ones boy/girlfriend was say 'do you want to go out?' and boom. Instant boyfriend. I thought it was stupid at that age too but that's how it works.

It could've been both. My boyfriend and I live several hours away and don't have/aren't old enough to get licenses, so we were together almost two months before we had our first date.

how did you meet and start "dating" your boyfriend who lives hours away if you both are not old enough to drive? this baffles me, did you meet on craigslist?

ohcomeonsrsly 6

they probably met at some kind of social function. it's not impossible to meet someone who doesn't live in the same town as you.

He could've very easily been both. My boyfriend and I met when we were 12(In school), and I was terrified to tell my parents, so we didn't go on a single 'date' until a year later. We went bowling once as a group of like 10 and to the fair as a group of 5. But we didn't have an actual date until like a year of dating. And when we did, that was my first date.

203- Where in the text does it say they live hours away? They most likely go to the same highschool, meaning the restaurant could be close to where they live

that's totally something my dad would do! i'm 16 and he gets mad if i even mention boys!

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I would too if my 16 year old daughter had usernames with things like playboybunny in them.

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# 9: You seem to be a ****, I agree with the person who mentioned the connotations of your user name. Your father is right to be concerned. OP: I clicked YDI because your grammar is terrible. Fix it, please. But I'm very sorry your date was ruined, so FYL as well.

kab161 3

#64, although I agree with you about #9...your 18 and your picture makes you look like an immature pothead so you have no room to judge.

a_nutritionist 10

@64 a bit of a jump from a username with the words "playboybunny" to "you seem to be a ****" wouldnt you say? so your profile states: I don't put up with bullshit and I think that some people should treat others a hell of a lot better. ...******* hypocrite. by the way, theres no backslashes in 'don't'.

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So you agree with me, but because of my, shall we say, fondness for herb, I'm wrong. Makes total sense. ^_^

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Also, I'm 19 now. But then again, not so sure how my age comes into play at all. I do believe I was sixteen once upon a time, and dealt with all of the stupidity/superiority complexes associated with the age, so I think I can judge just a tid bit. But hell, I'm just a stoner, right. Asshole.

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well probably because you make usernames with playboybunny in them...I can't see any dad liking that

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Andromeda, if I could high-five you, I would.

That sucks... but at least you have a dad that cares enough to protect you! it sucks, but it all comes from love

Agreed. Also from the way this is worded I get the feeling that you didn't run this by your parents before you went on the date. You might find things will work out smoother if you do... I'm a parent and though I might let my kids go on a date when they're 15 I would never allow them to do so behind my back. Trust is important between parent and child, you violated that trust.

ReynshineCutting 10

Trust isn't mutually important between parent and child. It's expected that kids/teens earn and keep their parents' trust, but not the other way around. While I get that it's still for the protection of the kid, it's still ****** up and sending the wrong message v

"At least they care" along the same mentality line; "At least he doesn't hit me in the face."

He's your boyfriend on the first date? Don't you have to date a few times before you label boyfriend and girlfriend or am I too old fashioned?

at 15 I don't think you need to go on dates to label them a boyfriend or girlfriend. but when you're older, I believe so

PushMyButtons 5

I think things have changed. normal routines for relationships have changed now to whatever the couple feels like doing or labeling themselves.

Mandy0325 1

maybe it was there first date after becoming boyfriend and girlfriend

Maybe they were good friends already then he asked her out? That's pretty normal

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#72: First, the dashes are a glitch from this website. I've tried fixing it, nothing has worked. Boo hoo. Second, calm down, I'm sticking to my opinion that the name is slutty. That's not treating her badly, that's stating my thoughts on the matter. Last, this is me not putting up with bullshit. (:


At #72 Love the pic, not the comment.

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nope not around our age anymore . all it takes is to say "wanna go out?" "yeah" BOOM boyfriend girlfriend

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Give the girl a break,she's only 15.That's how the world works now a days when you're that age...When I was in high school,I knew plenty of couples who never actually went out on a date,but spent every waking moment with them otherwise.

I asked my girlfriend out on the first date. we have been dating for 3 years now.

I my first date was with my boyfriend after he asked me to be his girlfriend. I'm 15. But, another factor for it was that I was sick for like two weeks and unable to actually go anywhere at the time but he was my friend and we had hung out other times. He did eventually make it up and bring me on a date though.

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no; kids these days are just snotty little brats that think the world is owed to them. there's like two exceptions to this rule

The world does owe it to us kids, without us there will be no world.

302- When you kids actually contribute to this world and become productive members of society, then maybe you will be rewarded for hard work. No one owes you anything. It's sad if you think otherwise. Mommy and daddy won't always be around to hand you everything on that silver platter.

angie6511 0

wait what?? how does dating and calling eachother instantly boyfriend and girlfriend mean we're snotty little brats? not all kids have everything handed to them in a "silver platter" by mommy and daddy. not all kids are like that unfortunately for you. I'm 13 and have a job does that sound like a silver platter to you? a lot of kids don't even have a mommy and daddy to give them anythig so be queit and stop judging today's youth because your not any better because your a grown ass adult (by the sounds of your comment) and your trash talking kids. o wow ur so much better . not

I've been dating my boyfriend for nearly a year now, and we haven't gone on our first date yet. My Mom says that if we go out, we have to have friends with us because we are 14. She says we can single date at 15-16.