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By Anonymous - 18/10/2020 11:02 - United States

Today, I was eating at a restaurant when a man came up to me and said, "You're pathetic for having lunch with someone that much older than you." My dad immediately got up and punched the man in the face. My fiancé's parents had to walk in the door right as it happened. FML
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Why can't people just mind their own ******* business?

Xoduis 6

im with your dad. they guy had it coming


Why can't people just mind their own ******* business?

I can understand your dilemma as a father of two young girls I've had to deal with people accusing me of being a creeper for simply being outside playing with my children. people need to learn to mind their own ******* business and if that was my dad I'd go buy him a bottle of whiskey or whatever he likes to drink and say thank you.

First time getting the family together? Should make the wedding very interesting.

Xoduis 6

im with your dad. they guy had it coming

It's good for your fiancé's parents to see that your dad will stand up for you. Hopefully, they'll tell their son what they saw.

If I had a daughter and somebody said something like that to her, I'da clocked him as well.

Once again today - Two wrongs do not make a right. The jerk who made the comment was an idiot and it was none of their business. But hitting someone for something they said is crude, prehistoric behavior and left Dad open to being charged with assault. At least OP did not take part in the exchange. There is no good side to this, it’s embarrassing behavior by Dad that is going to affect how the presumably future in-laws view OP’s family and by implication her to some degree.

See, that’s what’s wrong with society right now. Everyone running their f-ing mouths and acting like someone will not cross the distance and punch them in the face...

Still looking for any part of this that is not pathetic..

A bit of an overreaction, but I have a temper when my kids are involved too.