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Today, my boyfriend was disgusted because I dropped a Skittle on the floor and ate it. He thought peeing on me in the shower was just fine. FML
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He's obviously never heard of the 3 second rule.

So if you drop a skittle on the ground, and I manage to shit on it and pee on it in under 3 seconds, would you still eat it?


He's obviously never heard of the 3 second rule.

She's obviously never heard that urine is actually sterile(barring any internal infections). Not that I'm defending pissing on anyone, that's an odd fetish/weird way to empty your bladder.

So if you drop a skittle on the ground, and I manage to shit on it and pee on it in under 3 seconds, would you still eat it?

Well that story took an unexpected turn

You're a sick ****** 12.

I don't think you could even do all that under 3 seconds.

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Fu*k that it's a SKITTLE their is no time limt. Especially if it's a one of those Tropical skittles.


3 second rule is complete bullshit.

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What's wrong with peeing in the shower?

Nothing is wrong with it, 90% of humans do it. But urinating on someone else is a bit odd.

26- I get the feeling you've never heard of a golden shower?

11- You're an idiot. Urine is only sterile while it's in the body. Learn your facts before you spew 'em, douchetard.

Peeing in the shower saves 534 gallons of water per person annually. He's being Eco-friendly.

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11- wrong pee still sterile after it left the body for a certain time. In fact it is proven that if you have athletes foot and while you in the shower you pee on your own feet it is good for you and helps to get rid of it faster. just wanted to share that. thanks and goodbye.

Max- while it's true that it is not longer sterile when it is removed from the body, I think that the second or less that it has to eject from the boyfriend's urethra on to the body of his girlfriend gives it less time to come in contact with contaminants. But you know, her skin isn't sterile, and neither is the air, so your point is made rather moot.

Keyman- It's sterile until it leaves the bladder. On it's way out, it comes into contact with the bacteria and contaminants in the urethra, so by the time it's coming out, of the body, it has already lost it's sterility. Rather than insulting you, I'll just try to educate you so you're no longer making up crap.

It would have been kinky if he peed on you while saying, "Taste the rainbow."

Omg rly Max?!?!??!?! Didn't I just say that? Holy shit I did!!!!1111!11!1!11 I'm not worthy to learn from someone so smart as you, I should probably go back to being a dumb ole nuclear engineer... Yep, I'm that douche who throws his profession into the argument.

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My boyfriend pees on me in the shower too, but I love him, so I embrace the golden shower!!!!

Alright everyone, calm down. Urine is sterile, but there is typically some bacteria in the urethra that can get into the urine. It isn't enough to cause an infection, but it cam be enough to cause a false-positive urine culture. That said, urine is potable under dire circumstances, and it's safe for "water sports". Now can we all move on?

Keyman - what's wrong with a good ole fashioned Golde Shower?

Keyman - what's wrong with a good ole fashioned Golde Shower?

He obviously peed on the floor before she dropped the skittle.

Thank you, doctor, for restoring order to the chaos with your medical expertise. Now, can you look at this thing I got growing out of my ass?

Hmm says the blind man pissing in the wind it all comes back to me. I would like to take this moment to say I think 100% of u r reading this right now.

I got no jokes, just gonna say you're a good gf for that. Mine has the same type of mentality for my quirks...then again I've yet to try to pee on her lol

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-.- just shutup already

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Actually, douchetard, urine is completly sterile when exiting the body. Ghandi started every day with a sip of his. Only when urine is left to settle and gather bacteria it becomes unsanitary. Learn your facts before you spew 'em.

What if he pisses Skittlez?

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

*To 31

You should be honoured he was marking his territory claiming you as his own. He must love you :)

Is your boyfriend R Kelly by chance?

Yes. That's how the three second rule works

91- Gandhi also ****** goats. You people are completely oblivious as to what a true asshole he was. This is coming from an Indian from India.

5 second rule :P

12- that sounds like the most productive three seconds ever!!

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Ha! People are flaming at each other about the sterility of urine.

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He pulled an R Kelly

That a girl... Keep it up

You're obviously not very smart 31.

You guys really need to listen to Keyman. He really knows this stuff because he's a semen, oops, I mean a seaman. Yup, throwing it back to you, all over you face.

@91- an actual doctor commented above you on the sterility of urine, your opinion is not needed especially considering it was false

That's disgusting. Dump tht asshole

If FML was a family, you'd be that retarded cousin.

Or the ignorant uncle

If anybody was ur family, you would be the one who everyone wants kill

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Wants to kill*^

I don't see how that's so disgusting. I mean, they are in the shower. Just wash it off. Duh.

Well it is gross. But all the people on FML who vote to dump someone instead of telling them they don't like it, are retarded.

60 does that mean you wouldn't mind if someone peed on you? I don't know about you but I would be pissed off... Oh, look how clever I am.

70 - it's not like he peed on her in the car, or in the kitchen. He peed on her in the designated place where people go to clean themselves.

19- if FML was a family, we would all be in therapy. So much hatin going on!!

Why must new people think that break-up/divorce is always the answer?!? It makes me ashamed to be classified as 'new'.

Could he not just omit the peeing on her part completely? I know, crazy idea

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Maybe he has a nice pee fetish. Try it yourself, you'll love it ;)

^^^ that's DISGUSTING

I'd be disgusted if you didnt eat it

#29- That's judgmental and rude :)

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Singing "I wanna piss on you"

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Who doesn't love a nice golden shower?

*slowly raises hand*

*raises his hand* I prefer snow... Not the yellow variety either.

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I certainly do.

Haha. Both of those things are acceptable.

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At least he didn't shit on you. Count your blessings.

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OP pee on him next time? Then u 2 can have a golden shower ;)

Hey, who doesn't pee in the shower?

it wasn't about peeing in the shower. it was about being peed on in the shower.

Sorry, did that insult you?