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Today, my boyfriend took me to his house and introduced me to his parents. He also showed me around his bedroom. I think he forgot to remove the dartboard on his wall, taped to which was a swiss-cheesed printout of one of my Facebook photos. FML
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The_Tool1 13

So how's that relationship going now..?

So that's what he meant when he said he hit that..?


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I don't know how that could possibly be good...

Well for this to be good, it could possibly mean that he had Op in his sights for a while and maybe he ... Yeah this looks pretty bad, be careful.

He was trying to miss...his aim is just bad.

47-If that's the case, then it doesn't bode well for OP's sex life

rotflqtms_ 21

The only good is the introduction to the family... But why introduce her to the parents if things are going sour? That's odd... ~That's what really got me riled up...not the part about him using her for target practice... That's not creepy at all~

Well ydi for still having an active facebook. #getatwitter #hashtagsmakethispostandmyselfseemsuperdouchy. Just kidding, this is a joke people.

Hopefully he was aiming for the photobombing creeper behind you!:D

wow that joke must have been sooo funny it just went right over my head

Yea maybe he was just practicing his aim. That might be good in bed.

The_Tool1 13

So how's that relationship going now..?

sugarshane007 20

One could say there may be some... holes in it.

Yeah, I feel it must have Punctured a little in the last few days.

This isn't a game, op here's a pointer, dart to the nearest cop station and throw in a restraining order. It's on 13th and 8th, atoss the street from target. Sleep with one eye open, op!

MarisaCB 16

I'd keep him away from sharp objects.

Why? This is just his way of saying that he wants to "penetrate" her.

well, I'd be preparing for a break up if I were you..

Wouldn't she break up with him? Honestly, if I saw that, I wouldn't hang with him anymore..

44- i'm with you on that. Actually, run, don't walk, as fast as you can from him.

egc573 40

As a combination of comments 4 and 5, OP should prepare for a breakup by keeping him away from sharp objects. Who knows what his anger might erupt into? Wish you better luck in the future OP...

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joep1 7

.....more like under attached.

Wouldn't an overly attached boyfriend have a shrine in his closet and a sex doll that looks like her not her head on a dart board...

Look at Helga from hey Arnold to see the whole crazy thing with the shrine. If that happens...stay very far away.

I think obsessed is the word you are looking for.

With a very small, very sharp object that has fins.....

I'm pretty sure you can get surgery for that

sugarshane007 20

Sounds like someone may be getting on his nerves. Perhaps find out how you annoy him, and make a little adjustment for the better of the relationship.

Why the hell should she change ? I understand people can be annoying but HE'S the one with the problem since HE'S throwing darts.l at HER picture. She shouldn't change anything! She should talk to him, however. But either way, they need to talk and BOTH change.

sugarshane007 20

Yes, but we are assuming that they have or haven't talked, something we don't know. My point is most guys won't just have a dartboard of a picture for fun, more of a stress relief due to annoyance. If she is doing something that apparently consistently annoys him, she needs to work with him in changing he situation so that it isn't an annoyance.

So she shouldn't change, but then they should both change?

ONE of them should not change. It should be both. But yes I noticed that after it was posted, considering since the FML update its a bitch to change anything. Amd i can't see exactly what I'm typing. So if my posts are riddled with errors, excuse me because I'm not going ro spend 10 minutes trying to get my little cursor where it belongs. xD

I'm curious to know how he explained that!

"Oh, I couldn't bear not seeing your face. It just happened to be right over my dart board"