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Today, my husband came home from a six-month business trip. When I saw him, I hugged and kissed him. My grandma started calling me a slutty whore, and told us we were a disgrace to our family, while trying to hit him with her cane. FML
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By  rivimatt  |  20

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  PANDORUM89  |  21

I'm 26 and my grandma was born in 39. So she's had to go through a lot of social changes. She's still a bit on the edge when it comes to certain things in regards to sexual behavior and PDA. Though I don't see the problem unless you gave him a tongue included kiss. If that was the case maybe next time you know he is coming back perhaps you make sure its a private occasion.


I'm 20. My paternal great-grandparents were born in the 30s, my paternal grandparents were born in the early 50s, and my parents were born in the early 70s. My family usually breeds early (around my current age). I'm not planning on continuing that but it is really nice to still have my great grandparents around. :)

That said, I can see my great-grandmother reacting like the grandma in the FML, like kissing is somehow inappropriate. However, my grandma is really cool and would be totally fine with it.

By  nonsensical  |  26

You should've just owned it and pulled him straight to the bedroom, let them all wait for you in the living room. How rude of her!