By Anonymous - 01/12/2015 09:49 - Australia - Corrimal

Today, I couldn't see my car in a crowded car park. I pressed unlock on my keys and saw the lights flash. As I walked over I also saw someone run from my car with an armful of my stuff. FML
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Damn. Sorry OP. Any chance you can get what got stolen covered?


Damn. Sorry OP. Any chance you can get what got stolen covered?

no you aint smart theives dont retrn stuff

I choose to believe you are joking. If not, there's no hope for humanity.

@22 I hope so too. It looked like he had a stroke while typing that.

If you think she is a he then it must have been some stroke...

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It's that "omg I have to be first" rush that causes comments like this. That's why I always read the ones toward the bottom. Those are usually better.

Right? I press the lock key so I can hear my car's beep too, in case I can't see it. Like if it's sunny out and I may not notice the lights flash anyway.

@46 My car doesn't make a sound when I lock it, perhaps the same goes for OP.

But then they can unlock it and hear for the sound again so it makes sense locking it

I thought this is what the Panic Button was for.

Panic button? They have those on cars? 8) I just have lock, unlock and a button to only unlock the boot(trunk).

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Mine doesn't have a panic button, but my remote access is also aftermarket and not a standard item on the model I have

#77, its the button that activates the car alarm, usually a red button on the remote

Although it makes sense now. I highly doubt someone would think of this situation happening if they are half a minute from their car.

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That's why you press the lock button to see where your car is. Really, it still beeps the same.

Or the car alarm. Literally nobody pays attention to a standard car alarm these days because so many people use the alarm to locate the car.

Sorry OP. Hope things get better for ya!

Ouch. People are lowlife jerks sometimes. Don't understand how you can, in any good mind, steal another's property.

Damn that sucks hopefully there might be cameras nearby so you'll have a better chance at least

I always lock my car, over and over, when I can't find it.. The beeping from locking it makes it a lot easier than the blinkers flashing, try that next time!

Some cars don't beep when locked, just flash the lights or turn indicators.

Well you're from Australia so that's pretty normal right?

I hope this is a joke and not ignorance ...

Jeez there's been a lot of bullshit comments about Australia lately. Makes you sound pretty ignorant when you say shit like that.

At least now you know how Americans feel.

Australia has been ranked the Happiest place to live. So you sir are wrong.

Yeah, rampant crime, high levels of unemployment and poverty because the wages and economy are so bad, plus lots of guns. Australia is really a crap place to live, wait no, that's America. We're the lucky country, thank god for unions and fewer conservatives ;)

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Get in your car and chase after them. Trust me, it works. They'll give you your stuff back

And you can also get killer, stabbed , shot , etc.