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  mds9986  |  24

It's that "omg I have to be first" rush that causes comments like this. That's why I always read the ones toward the bottom. Those are usually better.

  UH60  |  26

Right? I press the lock key so I can hear my car's beep too, in case I can't see it. Like if it's sunny out and I may not notice the lights flash anyway.

By  toaster87  |  19

I always lock my car, over and over, when I can't find it.. The beeping from locking it makes it a lot easier than the blinkers flashing, try that next time!

  mishwarner  |  14

Yeah, rampant crime, high levels of unemployment and poverty because the wages and economy are so bad, plus lots of guns. Australia is really a crap place to live, wait no, that's America. We're the lucky country, thank god for unions and fewer conservatives ;)