Sorry, man

By Lii - 24/03/2015 01:04 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, I shouted, "Fuck off!" out of reflex when I felt someone behind me grab my bag and pull it off my shoulder. It turned out to be an elderly man with a walking stick, who was trying to steady himself in a busy crowd. FML
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So apparently, neither of you were completely stable when this occurred?

Hidghetti 14

I would've done the same thing


Hidghetti 14

I would've done the same thing

Good thing that reflex wasn't apart of coming around swinging.

uglyheadedbitch 20

Exactly, I'd do the exact same thing, it's a habit, but as long as you apologized, I'm sure nobody would be offended

Then did your show get canceled OP? Sounds like a heartbreaking and familiar story.

So did you fit both feet or only one foot in your mouth with that comment

Steffi3 40

'out of reflex'. You sounds nice

It would've felt like someone was trying to rob her. As if she was going to turn around politely ask them not to.

And what's your reflex when you feel like someone's trying to steal your bag? "Excuse-me sir, are you aware that stealing is a crime? Please do not force me to call the police"?

Ummm you sounds nice too. Thanks yous for respondin:)

The "out of reflex" part makes it sound like op says this all the time. How many times have people tried to steal your purse op?

taybear0 14

if OP lives in an urban area where streets are crowded, robbing or pick-pocketing is probably very common

I'm Canadian and I find this comment offensive, you can only be so polite!

So apparently, neither of you were completely stable when this occurred?

Well I mean I can understand reflexes when your bag is pulled off but I feel as if that was an overreaction

OMG. You're in Britain so the tutting you must has received would be shameful.

No one tuts anymore, OP just felt like they were being robbed. Any normal person would react badly to that.

Call me crazy, but what in the hell is tutting?

You know the clicking sound you make with your tongue against top of your mouth?

Frillwee95 12

At least you didn't perform a judo chop and break his neck. The way I see it is that two people walked away unharmed from a potentially fatal encounter.

exactly. some of us have this reflex where our arm just lashes out and elbows then punches/scratches the potential attacker. I'd rather defend myself then apologize for falsely thinking you were a threat than just stand there and let you rob me or whatever.

The fighting back reaction could actually get you killed though if your attacker has a weapon. So it may not be the wisest reaction, especially from behind, if you can't see if they have one or not. Just a thought.

there is no such thing as a judo chop, it's a wrestling style.

That sounds awful, however, most of us would have done the same, or something even more rude.

I bet you felt so bad afterwards. Don't stress about it too much though, because the best of us would've done something like that. I hope you cleared things up with the old man!

lizabethp 11

In sure once you realized, the end result wasn't all that bad..

Plot twist: he actually was trying to steal your bag