That's one way of coming out

By Anonymous - 17/01/2014 02:51 - United States - Landenberg

Today, I downloaded Grindr to my phone. It also downloaded to my mom's phone, my dad's phone, and my brother's phone. FML
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Blame it on your brother or a friend when they question it. Just an idea.


Blame it on your brother or a friend when they question it. Just an idea.

Take the opportunity and come out of the closet. If your family members know you as well as most people know their son and brother they will not believe that it was a mistake or a prank. Blaming your brother or a friend wouldn’t help you.

Um, Ashamed_Sister... Unless your parents are former hippies, letting them know you hook up with random people is a bad thing regardless of gender and orientation.

@Wakachulak: The damage already has been done. Honesty sounds to be the better option to do some damage control than lying and blaming your brother as suggested by Lioness8197. Anyway, downloading Grindr doesn’t mean that OP has to intention to actually hook up with random people. He might be curious only.

Why is everyone assuming OP hadn't come out yet? Replace Grindr with a similar hetero app, and this ML is still pretty F.

Ashamed_sister, I don't know what Grindr is so I just took a guess...

An app gay guys use to find other gay guys who are nearby. Mostly used for hooking up.

Should have read the comments before looking for this app... out of curiosity

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Why is it a big deal? It's not like the app shows pictures of gay ****.

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Thank you I was wondering to but to the op hopefully you're family will be understanding

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Apparently, you're a horrible intolerant person.

I'm inferring he thought he would see a penis or something

The long version! Grindr is the essential location-based app to meet gay, bi and curious guys for dating and socialising using your Android/iOS device. Grindr uses your cellular network or Wi-Fi signal to identify your physical location so you can chat, network and mingle with the guys near you, at home or on the road. Grindr is free to install, browse profiles and message other guys. Simply download and launch the app, upload a photo, and enter account and profile information to begin browsing photos of guys nearby. Send a message, a photo or your location via chat, and strike up a conversation with like-minded men closest to you, or anywhere you plan on travelling next.

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"Grindr", eh? Sounds more like something to do with bondage lol..

I'n pretty sure it's a dating site for gay men, could be wrong though!

Why is this a thumbs down? unless you closet cases are just being dicks. no pun intended.

It's thumbed you deserved it. Should realise all the phones are linked before doing things you don't want others to know about ;)

I've never heard of phones being linked. Who would ever want that?

Families who share an Apple account. Mine does too.

Be sure your photos don't link to them as well. There's no getting out of a dick pic

yeah there is mom: why did you take a pic of your dick son: I thought I saw something odd on it and wanted to inspect further

How do you get out of it when it's a photo of your erect penis?

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Grindr is an app to find homosexual people around you, it's a dating app. Just googled it.

I was going to assume it was ****, but.... well that's a new one.

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I believe grindr had gotten more hits then ever now, since we all checked it out. I guess they'll be very disappointed if I show up to a "meeting"

challan 19

As fun as it would be to have a dingle, I will keep what I have. Thanks though!

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You can borrow mine, Challen :)

79- if you want to flirt, at least spell her name correctly.

Not even a gay guy would be sad if you showed up

#121- Your comment fits your profile pic lol

Off topic but if your profile is for real you are a perfect woman.this is to # 42

You can blame your brother... or your father. BTW I think it's a pretty original way to come out of the closet, OP. :P

Sounds like someone needs to be more careful with their sharing settings.

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Actually, when it comes to apps and a shared account, it depends on the other people's settings. At least for the iPhone that is. So it's not necessarily his fault!

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115 - If he shares an account, it IS his fault. Sharing accounts is stupid and he should have known the risk even if he's forced to share an account by his parents.

Sharing an account isn't stupid. My husband and I share an account so we don't have to pay twice for apps we both like. Not knowing your sharing settings though, that's stupid.

“oh my friend was playing a prank on me, he said it's where you find skanks and other things us hetero bros like! I am all about the intercourse with females and such" cover story complete. they'll never know

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Its not only a grinding you're going to be getting when this is discovered but then again maybe its time to tell your family.