By soprahb - 19/10/2012 06:41 - United States

Today, my girlfriend's new favorite TV show is Law and Order SVU. Now after every episode she insists on asking me if I'm sure I wasn't molested as a kid. She's still on the first season. FML
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randomthing 22

Next season she'll be asking if you were raped as a child.

dirton89 7

Then after that she will ask if He's ever had impure thoughts of little will just get progressively worse -_-

Hypothetically, If that show was a reality that people lived through, every second person in the city they live in would be a rapist, murderer or both...

25 - Your picture fits your comment well

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That's got to be bothersome... I'm not trying to be insensitive at all to those who have been, but maybe next time she asks you should say, "Well, now that you mention it...." just to see the look on her face.

Agreed. Give her the story she is so wanting to hear, and then say good bye.

"... I was, and I liked it! Muahahahaha!"

Or he could just give her a really creepy smile.

joep1 7

Put parental controls on your tv and block the show until she realizes how annoying she is being. Easy solution, but none the less sorry OP.

Parental controls for your girlfriend? That's stupid, no one likes a controlling selfish boyfriend. Just because she wants to watch a show and he doesn't want to hear it doesn't mean he should stop her. Even though it annoys him.

astralvagan 20

No one likes a psycho analytical girlfriend either

joep1 7

Your right but that's depending on the person. Some people don't have a backbone to stick up for themselves against their partner, so based on that I just tried to come up with a simple solution for the time being.

10- Simply asking her to stop is a better, less selfish solution than parental controls. And could stop her psycho-ness.

joep1 7

I believe that would be the first thing some one would do, but due to the lack of information and the basis of that he posted an FML about it, I came to think that he has already done that and can't stand it anymore. Thus also explaining the reason behind my comment.

I realize this. Completely cutting off her favorite show seems way too dramatic for one simple phrase.

madgrinchhatter 12

If she is "still on the first season" she is most likely watching a DVD box set or Netflix, so parental controls wouldn't stop.

joep1 7

Verizon Fios or Cables Video on Demand?

On the other hand, she could ask you if you're a sex offender instead. Either way there's no winning with law and order SVU just wait a while it will all be over in time.

crazyluvbug 8

Oh trust me she will get there. She will ask will probably just get worse.

klovemachine 24

Sorry, OP, but the plots just get crazier :O but it's an awesome show

astralvagan 20

Perhaps you should ask her the same question since she is so obsessed with it

Woahohoho, be careful with that one. Then she may convince herself that she has been and it was a suppressed though, go completely insane, and drive herself to a mental hospital.

Why not after each show ask her if she's the product of rape like Mariska's character?

Tell her to watch the walking dead. Then she'll start asking you if you've ever been bitten by a walker