By embarrassed niece - 09/07/2013 16:15 - United States - Cumming

Today, my aunt had the wonderful experience of hearing my boyfriend and I have a very "satisfying" encounter after we stupidly forgot to turn off the baby monitor. FML
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Be lucky your aunt wasn't in your closet

why didn't she turn off her baby monitor instead of listening to you two.


Be lucky your aunt wasn't in your closet

And holding a cake, that could've been awkward!

What cake?? The cake is a lie!

You're right, 1 and 16. That would make a good FML.

Please let that be sarcasm

She's referring to another FML 34

Am I the only one who is wondering why they did this in the baby's room? Kinky

LOL I remember that post. #1 ftw

73. "Baby's room" was probably their room first and still.

Those monitors can be very dangerous! Who knows what else others have heard! Poor them...

why didn't she turn off her baby monitor instead of listening to you two.

Well if she's not getting any, she might as well enjoy the show!

I'm pretty sure she didn't enjoy hearing her niece have a "satisfying encounter" with her boyfriend

Yeah because everyone enjoys listening to their family members getting off...

Some people like to listen

And some people should be taken away in padded vans...

and some people like to join...

and some take notes.

Proof that you know what causes a need for baby monitors! Was it at least just an audio monitor, or one of those newfangled video ones? Either way, FYL!!

Well you've already given yourself the ydi (or I guess idi) so I'll just agree

Having sex with a baby in the house? Scandalous! Having sex with your aunt in the house? Porn.

Cue the music and dim the lights.

bow chicka wow wow :-D

Hey the doc is back in town!

@Doc thats sarcasm and mocking moralfags, right? ........ Right??!?

This is not a FYL. This is a fuck your aunt's life.

Well, I mean, OP did get fucked.

Why was there a baby monitor in the room you were getting it off in... Dont fuck in front of the children!!

Just because there was a monitor in there doesn't mean there was a baby in there at that time.

He is just being comical dude ^

Sex ED is getting better and better each year

You should've known better.

You must have a creepy aunt.

Yeah, because she had a horrible experience of hearing her niece have sex.