By nerd - 18/06/2009 14:15 - Finland

Today, I was driving in my car when out of the corner of my eye I notice a car pulling up next to me trying to get past me. I speed up, so as not to let the car pass me. It took me a while before I noticed I was racing against the shadow of my own car. FML
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It's a bit rude in the first place to not let someone pass you.

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Why would you speed up to not let someone pass you? I hope someone runs you off the road next time you do this.


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wow, you're a dick and that's definitely illegal.

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That doesn't mean your life is ******, it just means your retarded

yes indeedy, it looks like at least one of us brought our brain.

Shadow or no shadow. What kind of ass do you have to be to keep someone from passing you just because you can't get your Yugo with 220,000 miles on it fast enough to stay ahead of traffic? Sounds like the work of an invincible 16 year old. Well, invincible until the guy you piss off fires off a couple of rounds into your car. As a cop, I've seen some go home to mommy, some go to the hospital to get stitched up, and some go to the morgue. Yeah, maybe it'll work out for you though. You think you're tough until you realize you've gotten in way over your head just for being a dick.

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Yeah, when you see a person trying to speed up to go in front of you, you should purposefully slow down and get as far away as possible because you never want to be near crazy drivers like that. Personally, every time I see some asshole racing ahead of me or cut me off, I just let it fly. I'm never going to see the guy again, so big deal, but if I try to stop him then I could end up seriously hurt.

in other words, your life is f***ed XD

#123, why is someone passing automatically an asshole? The asshole is someone who speeds up to prevent someone from passing them.

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what a dick lol. karma gotcha OP. but I have to say... this Is a common occurrence in Texas. not dumbasses racing their own shadow but a state full of assholes who love cutting people off and not allowing people to get ahead of them in the lane.

What? Why do drivers even do that? Do they think their entire life's reputation and dignity is at stake when some car passes them? YDI completely. I hope you got a ticket for speeding. You could've hit someone else's car.

It's a bit rude in the first place to not let someone pass you.

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ikr? there could have been a woman in labor in there or something.

If it was your a bitch. If it's just your shadow, your dumb

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Rude thing to do, and not to mention illegal in most states.

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These days, being third just means you're the third in a chain of long... long... long comment threads. Which basically means you're halfway down the page. Unless you like the number three... so 33 must be epic. :O

what about 333,333,333,333,333,333,333,333,333,333 win 31337

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Why would you speed up to not let someone pass you? I hope someone runs you off the road next time you do this.

Agreed. Don't be such an ass next time you get behind the wheel.

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lol, letting cars pass ahead of me depends on my mood. if im tired i dgaf.

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if some asshole is tailgaiting me, then tries to pass me, I drive super slow. then when they try to pass speed up :)

we need less drivers like you on the road out there

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Exactly! I hate ignorant twits who lack the ability to be considerate. Talk about a complex!

Maybe next time you can go all road rage and run your shadow off the road.

#7, your profile pic freaks me the **** out.

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Go back to drivers ed. please. Common sense tells you to not speed up when someone tries to pass you...

What is wrong with a person passing you? Loser. You should have gotten pulled over for speeding.