By KasSmoke - 30/09/2014 02:13 - United States - Justin

Today, I was flipping out because I couldn't find my wallet, and after several hours of cussing myself out, I went downstairs to make breakfast. I poured cereal into my bowl and my wallet flopped out with the Honey Nut Cheerios. I need to stop drinking. FML
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Wow! Cereal has really stepped it's game up! That has to be the best prize to ever come out of a cereal box!


Or at least start putting some control on the quantity you're drinking

Red wine made me do stupid things. Now I only drink beer. Just saying.

I think the obvious solution here is to get clear cereal boxes

He's actually pretty smart. He starts driving and realizes that he'll lose his wallet, so he puts it in the cereal box because he knows he will eat some in the morning. pretty clever.

It's honesty the worst feeling losing your phone or wallet

I couldn't agree more. I lose my phone pretty much every time I get really drunk, well, except the time I made this FML account.

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I think a better sign was the fml where the guy texted nude pictures to his grandma while drunk. I hope she didn't have a phone plan with texting for his sake...

Yes!!!! A Bill Engval reference! You have made my day!

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No, no, I can't say that I've ever gotten so drunk that I put my wallet into a box of cereal.

I can't say that I've gotten drunk cuz I'm only 12 years old

Wow! Cereal has really stepped it's game up! That has to be the best prize to ever come out of a cereal box!

Not to mention the comfort and relief that come with it!

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Honey nut Cheerios is where it's at!!!

Or make the cereal box as a permanent storage place for your wallet and keep the drinks coming ;)

I like the way you think! *puts sandwich and wallet in sock drawer*

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I once found my I.D in a deck of cards, happens to the best of us

So get drunk... Go home and have some cereal and pass out. Oops I mean have cereal hide my wallet in the box and than pass-out.. WTF have you been drinking. Hope you remembered to brush your teeth before passing out

Yes, Op was so drunk that he mistook his cereal box as a place to store his wallet, but I'm sure he remembered to brush his teeth. It was probably his number one priority at the time.

drink, have fun, cool. but if you're drinking so much that your wallet ends up in weird places, it's probably time to slow down. ydi.

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I think you did a little more than drink...