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  rebamoo  |  14

Moving out of your parents' house is a total american cliche. It started to become socially acceptable that you move out of your parents' house because they they could sell/rent more homes to young people. There's nothing wrong with living with your parents, especially if you're not married.

  xBangOut  |  4

agreed, your mom and the rest of the world would be better off without you. no one needs such a disappointment in their lives. you knwo what to do OP..

  dolphincheddar  |  10

not really 91. a person with turets doesn't always yell swears, sometimes thy just twitch or something, and it's normally one random word in a sentence, like. " I like to PISS ASS go for long DICK FAGGOT walks on
the TITTY FART beach." for an example of this, search the late "turets guy" on YouTube, he was a good man. I loved his ASS BITCH videos. he will be missed.


  Kitten_love  |  22

#19. I know a lot of people who have threatened and attempted suicide before. Thank God none of them succeeded but it's comments such as those that make me seriously sick to my stomach. Why would you ever suggest to someone that they should cause their friends and family grief and take away the gift of life from themselves?

Life sucks sometimes but suicide is never the answer. Maybe you should get some therapy so you can learn to spread love and optimism instead of hatred and despair.

  EZ2XLR8  |  7

There's actually a lot of things wrong with drinking. Alcohol changes the way your mind and body work. The more you drink, the more damage it does to your body not matter how more or little you drink.
Other reasons why there are a lot of things wrong with drinking:

Make you gain weight
Make you feel sick or dizzy
Give you bad breath
Make you clumsy
Slur your speech
Make your skin break out
Make you feel out of control

I'm a Nurse Practitioner. I studied this subject. Now do you see that there are a lot of things wrong with drinking?