By picklemonger - Canada
Today, I walked out of the store, car keys in hand, only to discover my car was missing. After a frantic search, I started to hyperventilate and a nearly had a full-blown panic attack. Then I remembered I walked to the store. I am an idiot. FML
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  norskchic  |  9

my mom did that. except she actually drove me to school, dropped me off, then walked back. she was almost home when she realized she drove there. oh mom....

  StopDropNRoll  |  11

Haha my cousin did this too. He thought his truck got stolen because it wasn't in the parking lot. Turns out he parked on the side of school and forgot called the cops and everything. Got teased for weeks.

  Susieee_Q  |  9

Ha. Yeah, it really does happen to all of us. One time I was driving on the freeway and had a mini panic moment wondering where I'd left my car keys. (: Good thing is nothing too bad happened, so brush it off. It's all good.

  zythek  |  5

Yeah. I parked my car backwards, I parked so far back the my back tires were touching the curb. I had parked next to a huge truck. When I came back out, I was freaking out thinking that my car had been stolen (even though I remember locking it). I felt like an idiot when I realized that I freaked out over nothing,,,

  cuppycake11  |  0

This one time I was writing an essay and I'm like "Where the hell is my pencil?!?!" then I spend like the whole time we have looking 4 it then I find it in my hand -_-' after I feel retarded -_-"