By JadeC - 01/12/2011 18:55 - United States

Today, I was fired. For "lack of attention to details", specifically spelling errors. My now ex-boss misspelled the name of his own company on my severance agreement. FML
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Man talk about irony. Hopefully you laughed and laughed as you left.

If you mixed your and you're then you probably deserve it.


That sucks udi(;

i would go and point it out to him, what else can he do?

17 Hire Jade then fire her again. Then she would go all Jade-Fu on him and she will become the company boss. Then she slowly makes her way uptop to the queen of the world. Then one of her servants forget to put half & half in her coffee an instead put milk. She loves half & half in her coffee and then her whole day would be ruined. Would you want op to go through that hell? I rest my case.

Your story got ruined by the fact that you misspelled hire. EDIT: Don't mind me, I'm a victim of editing.

I'm not srue waht yuor tnkilag auobt?

Trolled, maybe?

33- that 70s show reference!

bamagrl410 31

I'm thinking that due to the wink face, the u was a purposeful spelling mistake to make a pun about the FML. If it was, it wasn't funny. If it wasn't, then 1 is an idiot.

Unless you are using a typewriter there is no excuse for spelling errors at work, or anytime for that matter. That is what spell check is for. Ydi

I think #1 was trying to say DML.

Man talk about irony. Hopefully you laughed and laughed as you left.

I'd take a picture, put it on Facebook, and tag the boss's name right where the spelling error is

So technically you didn't get fired! Go back and if they ask why your there say you got fired from some other place with a similar name and show them the proof

Grammer natzis four the whin!! *grammar *nazis *for *win

81, you forgot one... Hey*

92- quite obviously.

If you mixed your and you're then you probably deserve it.


I never do this, but you're asking for it. *than

@ 39, I think that 5 meant that his boss misspelt the name of his own company and that is worse than your/ you're.

There is none, and never was a your/you're in this FML.

53- 5 is correct. He is saying "If this, then that." You only use than for a comparison.

HOLY FUCK I AM STUPID. Please excuse me while I chop my balls off so I don't have kids who can be so dumb. My apologies.

As long as you really avoid reproduction you are forgiven

61- you are excused. Be quiet about it, though

THIS is why people need to learn proper grammar and spelling.

Ya bro I agree people these days r so damm stupid

42 was joking right???

*brother *damn ^Exhibit B

Failure to see obvious troll ^Exhibit C

This might be a bad time to mention to OP that his second "sentence" was a fragment. Proofread the CV and good luck on the hunt.

63: better advice yet, OP should have someone ELSE proofread the cv/resume. :/

Good 2nd, 3rd, and 4th comments in this thread. Pointless other comments. Example E

Don't forget that the punctuation was outside of the quotes! It's never a bad time for a good grammar lesson.

Example F.

Did you point that out to him? I would have laughed and left

C. , x x x. X xc xc x x x v c. B C v

Shit boss :( unlucky op

1215116a 14

I hate how bosses want YOU to see THEIR mistake when they should grow up and do it themselves, they aren't five. -_- Also their suppose to be a boss, and be a role model person...

Your second 'their' should be a 'they're.'

There's rom for them to make mistakes, they pay people to correct their mistakes. But op is getting paid to work, if he doesn't do his job well, he deserves to be fired.

I would have pointed it out to to make him feel like a dick.

Your boss is pretty much a jenious.

Is this sarcasm or stupidity?

Ahem. That was a joke for all ya'll morons who can't see it.

Didn't take it far time.

I got it right away... I think those who didn't are the real jeniouses

You should get him a Speak and Spell for Christmas.

Or a text book. Or dictionary.