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Today, I was fired for not attending a mandatory meeting. I confronted my boss and told her I never heard anything about it, she told me that daily reminders had been sent out via email for weeks. She then discovered that she failed to enter my email address in the system. I was still fired. FML
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Woah that REALLY sucks. Can she do that?

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Yeah, I doubt she can actually do that. Sue


Woah that REALLY sucks. Can she do that?

No, she can't. My advice is to sue her ass to kingdom come!

That's what I thought. You can't fire someone for your own mistake.

Congrats for stereotyping all Americans like to sue.

It's a correct stereotype. The majority of comments on here say to sue. Just find another job.

#24: Do yourself a favor and take a look at the comments before making yourself look like an idiot. Half of the comments on this bloody page consist of the sentence "Sue her!" the other half are some variations of that, and most of them spelled improperly. That's like getting pissed because somebody calls Americans fat. It's technically a correct stereotype, even if it doesn't apply to you, because the majority is what gets judged. I don't necessarily agree with the direction, but it's just the way it goes.

So all the 'sue her' comments are made by Americans? Did you look at everyone's profile to confirm that? ******* idiot.

Yeah, I find it odd that us Americans get the shaft on a daily basis.

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I think most people were trying to be obnoxious. They had to have seen all the "sue" comments. Before you think all Americans to be prolific in the art of suing people, perhaps you should verify all your information. If you did not check all of the profiles and confirm that they were Americans and not just obnoxious people from other countries, then you cannot form a stereotype. I think perhaps you should reform your beliefs about Americans, please understand we are a mixed nation, and thus we have mixed groups of people. As such perhaps you could stop the American hating, especially when you don't know us. I don't say sue, I say move on and hope she doesn't give you a bad report to your next employer.

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Hello Twiggy, because I am American and I don't like the tone of your comments about America. Because I like to check out these sort of things, here is a breakdown of comments where people demanded the Op sue. As you see I checked the profiles, listed them as Other- people from different countries/not American, American- people from America, and Hidden/Not Listed. Please note the number of people who are not American/claim no country outweighed the number of Americans. Other 1. NathanKett: Town/Country :New Zealand 2. Dogman332: Town/Country: London, England 3. Lolwatlol: Town/Country: Perú Americans 1. genius_man16: Town/Country: Lincoln, NE 2. AllAplgs : Town/Country : Del Rio , USA 3. Xenomorph: Town/Country: Columbia, SC, United States of America 4. Chr0nicdreamz: Town/Country: Sea Bright, USA 5. brianjman14: Town/Country: Greenwich, Connecticut 6. mps1969: Town/Country: USA Not Specified or Hiding Profile 1. Bland- Hidden Profile 2. touchableturtle: Town/Country : Not specified 3. mykehawke: Town/Country : Not specified 4. Sun_Kissed18:Town/Country : Not specified 5. Cthulhu1138: Town/Country : Not specified 6. WesJaz: Town/Country : Not specified 7. sar86: Town/Country : Not specified This was as of #62 mps1069. Have a nice day.

Dear Rubixmonkey, What relevance does your reply have to my comment? Please discuss. Love, Twiggy P.S. You obviously didn't get the point of my message.

Sorry to the opposing people, but I'm with Twiggy on this one. Americans are sue crazy. Surely, people who are not Americans can be sue crazy too, but I know from real life and internet experiences that a lot of people jump onto the idea of suing someone. Ya know, a lot of people like this whole idea of getting rich quickly by suing someone's rear end. Yes, I am from America. Have a nice day. :D

Did you guys ever think about the fact that the "sue happiness" of Americans that you are complaining about may stem from the fact that there are so many laws in the US that are just plain simply ridiculous and not very clear? In Germany we are not so sue-happy...even if we tried we wouldn't get anywhere because there are absolutely no legal grounds for lawsuits as silly as some lawsuits in the US are! And if the legal situation is not all that clear then in certain situations I really can't blame people for trying to get something out of someone who screwed them over...especially not if other people had success doing it.

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And you people are idiots. She has the right to sue. Why? She was falsely terminated under pretenses that were not her fault. She wasn't "laid off", she was fired wrongly. There's a big difference, and the appropriate action is to lodge a complaint and sue if action isn't taken. I highly doubt any of you would just "sit back, move on and find another job" when you were wrongly terminated from your previous job. And those of you who have are passive pansies that won't make it in a corporate world anyway.

yo twiggly, rubixmonkey doesn't have relevance to human being. personally knowing her, she is slightly mentally retarded and challenged, and she also has gender identity disorder. please forgive her.

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there are alot of ppl who sue just to sue and they can than cause problems for those who have a right to sue know that woman who spilled hot coffee on herself? she almost stopped my parents from being able to sue for a doctor horribly misdiagnosing my cancer because it wasnt " as bad" way to many ppl wanna sue just to sue:/

That woman who spilled coffe had every right to sue. She suffered third degree burns all over her hands and legs because McDonalds was brewing their coffee way too hot. Educate yourself before you comment so you don't look like an idiot.

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She spilled it on her crotch too.

You're both wrong. Texas is a "right to work" (what an Orwellian term!) state. You can be fired with or WITHOUT cause. It is actually better for the employer to fire you without cause, because you can't challenge that. (If they fire you with cause and you can prove that the cause is faulty, then you can file a wrongful termination suit.) The deck is really stacked against working people here. That's why we have to kiss our bosses' asses all the time. At least we don't have to shovel snow! :)

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In Wisconsin they have that as well. We have to shovel snow on top of that.

Yeah, a lot of states/countries have that damn with/without cause crap. I know I've been fired for bull before. I was on the verge of quitting anyway, so **** it.

Plex had a serious response! HOLY SHIT! Lol, but yeah, I think though that she could sue for this, because as you said, there has to be a cause that can be disputed, and in this case the "cause" was not showing up to the meeting, and so she could dispute it by saying (and proving) that she never got any of the emails and it was therefore the bosses fault.

Isnt the cause NOT attending the meeting? Which clearly she couldnt have known of because she didnt get an email regarding the meeting?

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You should be able to still sue, regardless whether or not Texas is a "right to work" state. It was her fault you didn't attend a mandatory meeting. You can't get the memo about it if you're not in the database after all.

Exactly. Find a lawyer who can help you, and bring the case to court. You were unfairly fired, and even in Texas, there /is/ some legislation saying you can't fire someone for something that wasn't their fault. Like attending a mandatory meeting. OP, your boss sucks.

91, please cite the statute. "Well I KNOW it has to exist because it just wouldn't be FAIR for it not to" isn't very persuasive. She might have been unfairly fired, but that doesn't mean she was wrongly fired or has a cause of action.

72, 82, 87, 91, I'm with all you guys. I believe in justice and this story sound totally unfair. If the boss just plain doesn't like you or says "It's not working out," you're done. On the plus side, employees can quit anytime they want and non-compete clauses are usually not enforced here (unless you are a top executive going to a direct competitor.) But you guys are basically right -- it's total bullshit and a travesty of justice. If you feel that strongly, move here and try to change it.

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Yeah, I doubt she can actually do that. Sue

do you work in the private sector? chances are you can be fired without cause. tough luck

Um, Yes, you can get fired for that. As long as she's not fired for reasons being race, religion, sex, sexual preferences (etc), she can get fired legally. You can get fired for doing nothing (they call it getting laid off though). No where does it say she got fired because of discrimination. Stop being so American and wanting to sue everyone.

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maybe she's just using this as an excuse to fire u cause she wanted to anyway regardless if she did it on purpose or not.

That's wrongful termination and you can sue her. You need to have a conversation with her and explain that what she did can cause her to be sued over and that you want your job back!

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Just ignore all the advice of the americans saying SUE SUE SUE OMMFG SUE. It wont help, my mums been through this and it only made matters worse when she tried to sue. So take my advice, dont sue.

#12 - Are you dense? Yes, it will work. It's wrongful termination and if there was no notice given ahead, and PROOF that there was no notice (which would be in the e-mails that were sent, minus the OP's e-mail address clearly proving they did not receive it), then her job has no grounds to stand on. A lawyer would jump at a drop of a hat to pick up this case because it's such an easy win. I don't know how the court system works over there in the UK/Australia/where ever you are (I'm only going off of those two because you said "mum" instead of "mom"), but over here with a situation like this, it's pretty simple. And what the hell difference does it make if the people who are suggesting to sue are American or not, you dimwit? OP: If I had such a retarded boss like the yours, I probably wouldn't want to go back to work for them. If you do take them to court (which I HIGHLY SUGGEST OMG I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH **** THAT SHIT), I would advice just having them pay out of pocket for as much as they can, unemployment that's enough to cover your bills and such, for defamation of character, etc. etc. and then go look for another job while living off whatever you win until you find a new one. If you were to just simply get your job back, your boss might make your life a living hell because of the whole court thing and shit will hit the fan again.

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Americans? Did you check all their profiles? I can't stand stereotypes! British people are ugly and love tea and crumpets. Irish people are alcoholic potato farmers. Americans are racist sue-happy fat-asses. black people are criminals. French people are *******. Canadians are polar bear-riding eskimos, eh? Zed not zee. Hispanics have nineteen children stuffed in one room. Australians keep kangaroos, dingoes, and wallabies as pets. All Arabs have at least one explosive strapped to themself at all times. Germans are Nazis. All Asians are brilliant martial art masters who eat dogs and cats. Indians work at delis and gas stations. Koreans work at nail salons while Vietnamese make the doughnuts (might be the other way around, idk). Jewish people are cheap and have gigantic noses. I'm sure every country has a bit of everything people.

Damn, I'm ugly? :o I do love tea though. I assume that one applies to the British Isles as a whole, and not just England.

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It's okay, Witchcraft, apparently I'm ugly as well... Not a big fan of crumpets though.

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I want to be Canadian if I can ride a polarbear. But I am not sure if my fat ass will fit on it and bell bottoms tend to be frowned upon, as a hippie i cannot wear fur.

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Actually only six were confirmed americans, the other were either unspecified, hid their profile or were from other countries, 11 in fact. So its safe to say people from other countries demanded Op sue and its not so American after all.

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You forgot the awesomeness of Chinese/Asian people being unable to drive, and that we're good at math. 8D

Lmao at RubixMonkey and Ladiidaa. Also forgotten was the lack of dental hygiene in the UK. And though it has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, heritage, or nationality - the stereotypes of old people leaving on their blinkers and driving under the speed limit, and women being bad drivers in general. Actually, my grandfather has really bad road rage.

You should have said black people drink koolaid, eat chicken, and love watermelon.

Nonononono. Get it right. Canadians ride Polar Bears that are on top of sleds that are pulled by beavers and moose, wear toques all the time, and eat the donuts that the Vietnamese make. =) Woot Canuks. =)

To: Any American that HAD a problem with my FIRST comment (ctrl-f: search "Twiggly" if you can't find it) 1) In the OP's situation, they would feel they have a right to sue. Based on the information given, there is no basis on which she can. To sue someone, a discrimination has to have occurred, or an action by an individual or company that puts that persons lively hood at risk (That's putting it VERY simply, for you people that just can't wrap their heads around half of what's going on in this FML). Getting laid off does not put your lively hood at risk. Example: It's like working for a grocery store and you're stocking items, you come to an isle with shelves TWICE as high, but you do not feel safe on the rickety ladder. The manager tells you to do it or your fired. You don't do it and you get fired. You can sue on the basis of safety. In this case, the clerk probably wouldn't make the millions people always assume when suing, but he probably would win 2-3 months of his wages to cover him while he's finding a new job. Notice there's a reason here. The clerks safety was at risk, and he was fired because he refused to do something when the store did not guarantee his safety, or give him proper instructions on being safe. This is as simple of an example as I can get. Chances are, the clerk may not even go to court over it because the lawyers fees would be far greater then the clerks wages. 2) Americans get butt hurt when they feel insulted. Get over it. I was not insulting Americans here. I did not say there was anything wrong with suing anyone. It's a great method to helping you continue living properly if the conditions are met to sue someone. The fact that I had to explain myself goes to show how ignorant, or arrogant in some cases, Americans can be. I KNOW most of the people on FML are not American. Why do you think I used the phrase "Stop being so American"? If he were American, it wouldn't have had the same effect. I was just using a well know stereotype to poke some fun. Now, did I really have to explain it? Does it look so obvious now that you're ******** in your pants? It should, because you guys can be ridiculous. Next time you even THINK of a stereotype, remember what kind of pointless shit you brought up here. Good day people, twigg P.S. Kudos to the Americans that did get what my first comment was about. I hate to think there's more people so ANAL about everything they can't laugh about the simplest things and enjoy life.

No one said she got fired over discrimination. And how is it being "American" wanting to sue everyone?

Seriously, what the hell is up with that? True, there are a lot of bullshit lawsuits that come out of the American court system, but she was fired for her boss' ****-up and attempt to cover their ass. It's wrongful termination, no matter how you look at it. OP had no idea there was a mandatory meeting and really didn't have any way of knowing unless her coworkers bitched about it every day - and even then she maybe thought that she wasn't part of it for whatever reason. So yeah, her boss is an absolute asshole and should have just said sorry and moved on, but she got ****** and I don't see why it's wrong of her to want to **** them right back.

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I agree, I hate stereotyping. And anyway, the very first person to suggest she sue was from New Zealand.