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Today, I was feeling pretty, so I wore a skirt for the first time in years. Two hours later, my thighs hurt from slapping together so much. I no longer feel pretty. FML
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Hey you should still feel pretty!!! It doesn't matter your size, that happens to several people even if they're the skinniest person you've ever laid eyes on.

I've heard that a plain stick of deodorant can help with chafing etc... You go rock that skirt!


So this is why girls wear leggings?

#1 Sometimes, yes, but mostly because leggings are awesome and we're proud of our butts. OP, *I've never tried it* but I've heard that baby powder reduces the moisture between legs and helps with that, maybe you should try it? Don't let this make you not feel beautiful though xoxo

Thanks, this was a legit question. Both skirts and leggings simultaneously never made sense to me. They look terrible combined, and if you're cold or self-conscious of people "looking", don't wear a skirt at all. This is the first practical reason I've heard of.

Or, you know, let a girl wear her skirt however and whenever the hell she wants.

I've worn leggings with skirts or dresses because I've been in Arabic countries or its gotten colder. Plus sometimes it looks good. Also means you don't have to sit with your legs stuck to eachother. My sister sometimes uses plasters on her thighs to stop them chafing, whereas I just wear tights.

#32 - Oh man, I forgot, people can't have opinions. My bad, I'll go to confessional later.

If it is an opinion, it sould read "I think it looks bad", not " it looks bad". The latter is just a statement and not a personal opinion. Really, just adding "I think" or "in my opinion" makes a comment sound so much less bitchy. As in, I think leggings and skirts look great together. It also means you can wear your skirts a lot more, like on chilly or windy days.

I'm nitpicking here, but I did say "to me" earlier in the comment (implying the entire tone wasn't objective), and something as subjective as fashion is always opinion. It's a little redundant to say "in my opinion" for every opinion.

I actually think of leggings sort of as stockings. See, now it's customary to wear something long (skirts or dresses) with leggings because when you bend down, you can see right through it.

#60 Saying a girl shouldn't wear skirts if they're self-concious about it or when it's a bit too cold, doesn't sound like an opinion to me. Sure, you may not like how it looks, I don't care if that's your opinion, but that shouldn't be a reason for another person to not wear something.

I don't know why this is getting down voted. I completely agree that women should wear what they are comfortable in, and that's basically what's being said (at least how I read it) if you're self conscious wearing something then don't wear it and wear something you feel good in. what's wrong with that?

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Don't ever put baby powder down there! Nowhere near your intimate bits, guys. Baby powder contains ingredients that are linked to ovarian cancer, if I'm not mistaken.

Hey you should still feel pretty!!! It doesn't matter your size, that happens to several people even if they're the skinniest person you've ever laid eyes on.

The media sets these ridiculous "standards" for women and unfortunately some women feel like if they don't meet these standards they are ugly. It's honestly a shame I bet OP is just fine.

It is not unrealistic standards but for most people it would be unhealthy standards. Men and women are shown to be the most attractive human beings because that sells products. Good looking people that you want be like, for me a and women, makes you want that product or whatever it is because you think you will look more like the person on the product,

You can buy little sleeves that keep your legs from chafing, and having your legs touch doesn't mean jack. If you feel pretty, wear the darn skirt.

A shorts skirt ? Can't remember the actual name of those things

It doesn't matter wear skirts all the time if you want to!

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Beauty is pain! No matter what the size

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This is why I don't buy in to the beauty industry. If it hurts, it's not worth being "pretty".

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Usually 'beauty is pain' refers to the exercise you go through to shape your body, not experiencing pain through a beauty product. I'm pretty sure that's what she meant :)

Self confidence can be sexier than anything else!

I want to hug you. Weight isnt everything darling. Dont be sad

I've heard that a plain stick of deodorant can help with chafing etc... You go rock that skirt!

I'm a big fan of skirts myself :)

...and that reply would probably sound less creepy if I mentioned that she wore a skirt on our date yesterday.

I promise I am indeed dating this person- he's not a creepy perv :p

Out of curiosity, I read your bios - you two met on FML?! That's such an unusual way to meet haha, and kinda sweet :) congrats guys!

Relationship goals

#49 - I think we need an FML convention. I know a few people who met each other (platonic) through FML and a ton of people I'd love to meet myself. Hailey Potter and a few others come to mind. :)

you guys are freaking cute

Body image is something we all struggle with- wear whatever makes YOU feel pretty, haters opinions be damned.

Buy cheap nylon pantyhose and cut the legs off just above where the skirt ends! Rock that skirt, you can be pretty regardless of size!

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People are thumbing this comment down but it's actually a good tip. Or you could just buy very sheer pantyhose so you can't see them. I wear them all the time under maxi skirts so my thighs don't chafe, but I cut them above the ankle to wear sandals.

I put on a pair of tight shorts underneath, it helps big time!

Don't pantyhose roll up if you cut them, or unravel? Mine always does.

I've done that plenty of times: the first half inch or so rolls up, but then it stops. And they do eventually start to unravel, but you get about 3-5 days of wear out of them. That's why I said CHEAP nylons - they cost next to nothing. You wouldn't want to do that with extra luxurious ones that cost a fortune.

Yes, chafing of the thighs... I feel OP's pain, especially during summer. Knee-length body-shapers, tights, or leggings of various lengths are the best solutions I've found (depending on the season). Don't want them showing at your knees? Wear a longer skirt. All you have to do to wear sandals with tights is get sandals that don't have the little toe-post. That the tights keep your shoes from rubbing holes into your feet is also a bonus.