By Anonymous - 10/05/2015 12:16 - United Kingdom - York

Today, my boyfriend's mum publicly shamed him on Facebook after she caught him having sex under her roof today. Everyone thought it was hilarious, except me. Not because I'm ashamed, but because I'm over 300 miles away right now. FML
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I think it's time to call him up and end it op.

I'm sorry OP ): time to find someone who will want you and only you!!


I think it's time to call him up and end it op.

I think she should end it but she can also choose to add to his shame by dumping him on Facebook too if she wants. I don't consider him to be worth a phone call so if OP just changed her Facebook status, that would be fine too. OP's choice.

Or do the same about his cheating as his mom did about the sex

I'll probably get some thumbs down for this, but depending on OP's relationship with her bf's mum I'd call up to confront him about it, and then end it if it seems obvious that he's cheating. Some assholes are capable of that sort of betrayal, but some asshole parents are also just as capable of hating their child's relationship/significant other so much that they would make up a cheating story to make them break up. It'd be terrible if OP's bf is experiencing this situation: Today, my mum hated my girlfriend so much she posted a fake story about me having another girl in my bed on facebook. Now my girlfriend won't talk to me. FML. Talk to him and get his side, then decide if you trust him or not before walking away. You'd want the same if it was you.

I'm sorry OP ): time to find someone who will want you and only you!!

yes. just like I only want nutella :)

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yeah good luck trying to find loyal man...ha ha ha!

Well, that's a pretty unpleasant way to find out, but at least now you know he's a cheater.

I don't think there's any pleasant way to find out..

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As much as this sucks op, I would think of it as a blessing in disguise. Now you're not wasting your time on a guy who obviously isn't worth it.

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I feel bad for you. that's just messed up

Proof that there will always be an England.

*Proof that there will always be assholes

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Sean Connery is sooo fine...anyone remember that movie First Knight with him and Richard Gere??? Great movie...

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Maybe you and his mom will get along fine now. Embarrass him together

Sorry, but the cheat is embarrassed enough already. Mum did the right thing.

Ouch. At least you, and everyone else, know what an asshole he is now.

If everyone found it funny, I don't think they realised he was cheating on OP.

Sometimes you should forgive people. Sometimes you should forget people. But you'll feel foolish for tripping over the same mistake twice.