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Her heart was in the right place, but the execution was way off.

Do you never visit your family?


Do you never visit your family?

I assume not if her mother had to tell that big of a lie just to get her to visit...either that or she's just crazy:/ how sad.

Op may live too far away to visit or they don't get a lot of time off

Nice mother you got there....

Her heart was in the right place, but the execution was way off.

I thought this was gonna lead into a pun

It did. Did you miss it?

That may bring bad luck. In my culture.

It'll bring bad blood if she keeps lying to her daughter like that

Wow.. I'm sorry OP. That is never something to lie about

Sounds like maybe you don't visit your family often enough. Your mother shouldn't have played that card on you, though.

The mother might be the reason they don't visit if she's willing to pull shit like that..

OP might have a crazy work schedule or things that make it difficult to visit.

Yeah it was a bad card to play. Op could be in the same situation as me (my dad has strokes randomly); not enough money or a busy schedule. So, they could be calling and skyping like i do

A little twisted... However, try to make the most of it, cos you never know with these things...

Then remind your mother about the little boy who cried wolf. I agree FYL

Does she often try to get you to visit with no avail, or is this just what she started with? Followup would be great. Still, fyl, OP.

I think it's both FYL and YDI. How sad that your mom had to trick you into visiting her and your brother. Family is so important and you'll miss them when they are gone :(

We have no way of knowing how much op visits or doesn't visit or reasons. If my family member pulled something like this I definitely wouldn't want to visit again.

faking death is never an appropriate card to pay. Even if OP never visited, under no circumstance does OP deserve to believe her brother is dying. I agree that family is important, but being someone's family is a title that is earned not given, and what OP's mom did proves that she has lost some of that right, or not earned it at all (I'm unaware of their relationship, so I'm not exactly sure whether this was a one time thing or not).