By Anonymous - United States - Decatur
Today, I drove across two states to see my brother, who's had a history of heart problems. My mother had sent me a long e-mail saying he was on his death bed and wanted to talk to me to "get his affairs in order." When I arrived worriedly, he was fine. My mother guilt-tripped me to come visit. FML
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  AwkwardKryssi  |  14

Yeah it was a bad card to play. Op could be in the same situation as me (my dad has strokes randomly); not enough money or a busy schedule. So, they could be calling and skyping like i do

  DoomedGemini  |  37

We have no way of knowing how much op visits or doesn't visit or reasons. If my family member pulled something like this I definitely wouldn't want to visit again.

  JayGatsby  |  25

faking death is never an appropriate card to pay. Even if OP never visited, under no circumstance does OP deserve to believe her brother is dying. I agree that family is important, but being someone's family is a title that is earned not given, and what OP's mom did proves that she has lost some of that right, or not earned it at all (I'm unaware of their relationship, so I'm not exactly sure whether this was a one time thing or not).