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Today, I went to a Christmas party to visit family. Dinner time came around and I sat down at the table to eat. All of the food either had nuts or meat. I am allergic to nuts and I've been a vegetarian for three years. FML
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If you have any questions or want further details please let me know and I'll try to reply to all the comments.

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I am quite sorry you feel that way about vegetarians. I understand it is hard to get nutrients without meat but I still manage to eat healthy and get plenty of nutrients. Happy Holidays. (Also please try not to judge me for my opinions and beliefs)

#21 Thanks for the nice comment! I just try to understand and imagine what others are going through before I judge. The holidays are busy and stressful so hopefully I have better luck next year. (Also I'm sure I would love going to one of your parties! Happy holidays.)


If you have any questions or want further details please let me know and I'll try to reply to all the comments.

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This may seem cold and the host should have probably made a blanket statement involving this but I have vegetarian friends and family but very few so when my family has parties, the vegetarian brings a dish they can eat just in case we forget there will be a vegetarian, which happens sometimes, because things get super hectic for the host person or family when getting ready for a party. at least it dies if you are as unorganized as me and my family... we usually have some snacks too.. like potato chips, not sure of they are truly safe though if we knew someone with a peanut allergy (i dont think we do? at least no one close enough to invite to out parties) because there could be cross contamination possibilities with the brand we use.. I'd have to look at the bag. Instead, we have celiac family members.. and diabetic family members (type 1 & 2)... we try our best to have at least a side dish that is safe for everyone but sometimes it just slips our mond. So I wouldn't take it personally. in the future, if i were I'd just ask the host if it would be okay for me to have a pizza or some Chinese delivered to their house and do they happen to know any such places that deliver to their house (with me/yourself paying.. not the host, and willing to share with the party goers... usually people bring something to a party they go to anyways, pot luck or not, so consider it that though).

Well the holidays are quite stressful especially when you're in charge of hosting a party and cooking the food so I'm not going to hold any grudges.

You're an angel for not making a big deal out of it. I've done that too in the rare occasion it happens. I would invite you to my home if you lived nearby - vegetarian friendly AND allergen friendly! Plus a nurse practitioner and a paramedic in the family! It's just cold as balls here in Oregon though, so there's that.

Also I'm not allergic to peanuts I'm allergic to tree nuts like cashews, pecans, almonds, etc. In fact, peanuts are not technically a nut, despite the name.

#21 Thanks for the nice comment! I just try to understand and imagine what others are going through before I judge. The holidays are busy and stressful so hopefully I have better luck next year. (Also I'm sure I would love going to one of your parties! Happy holidays.)

you are correct, peanuts at actually classified as beans

The only advice I know is next year bring a dish, so you have something to eat. I know it sucks not having anything there for you.

#40 Next year I'll either politely request a certain dish like Mac and cheese (which is actually a traditional dish they normally make on Christmas which is why I'm surprised they didn't this year) or bring a dish as you said. Happy holidays!

This is the first time where I've seen the OP post before any one has had a chance to comment.

OP was watching and waiting for their moment to shine.

I wanted to provide a comment encouraging others to ask questions so I can provide answers because I've seen FML posts with not enough details and so many questions but no answers.

So there was not one vegetable dish? Could you at least drink something?

The only options were cow's blood and almond milk, unfortunately.

Well, seeing as how she's a vegetarian, not sure, but I'm guessing she would say no to the cow blood. Haha!

It was a joke. Cow's blood and ALMOND milk. ;)

And the almond milk, forgot to add that one too.

I was pretty sure ya saw it, just making sure ;) can't pass up on quality jokes!

Good looking out! It was a good joke. The food has nothing to do with the drinks, but who comes to a dinner just to drink? Honestly still wondering if OP just sipped on some water while everyone devoured their steaks.

I mostly just drank some water and stayed quiet, I didn't want to ruin everyone's dinner.

#4 Luckily it rains here often so I just put a bucket outside and drank a bucket of rain water. (I'm just kidding, they had proper water from the fridge)

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Did they just not think of you?

Most years they provide a substitute meal like Mac and cheese or mashed potatoes but this year they didn't for some reason. I'm not taking it too personally though.

I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they just forgot since they has so many responsibilities to handle this year. They are aware of my allergy and choice to not eat meat but they may have forgotten.

*since they had so many responsibilities.

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Didn't they notice that you weren't eating anything?

To be polite I had a plate of food and I just silently picked at it. Luckily, my mom snuck some of my food onto her plate while no one was looking.

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That's unlucky about the nuts, I've never heard of nut dishes being Christmas dinner food. Maybe pecan pie for dessert or roasted chestnuts for snacks but... I'm also surprised there weren't potatoes of some kind and a plethora of vegetables. Where are you from, OP? Regardless, Christmas dinner is a challenge for vegetarians everywhere. You have my sympathies.

Well they had sweet potatoes with nuts, green beans with turkey bacon, ham, and pistachio pudding. Also they had desserts but the fudge had some sort of nut in it along with the chocolate chip cookie.

Also I'm surprised there wasn't a larger variety of food too, normally they make something extra like Mac and cheese, mash potatoes, cream corn, etc. But, it's alright because I understand they may have been stressed and under pressure. I'll just politely bring it to their attention for next year.

This is why I favour pragmatic vegetarianism. In other words being a vegetarian who would eat meat if there was nothing else to eat. If 1 in every 300 of your meals contains meat you're still a vegetarian. That said I understand why you didn't eat it, but you made that choice.

Well I have two reasons for not eating the meat. One reason is because of certain beliefs and opinions. Another reason is since I haven't eaten any meat for three years my body may react to it badly and I could get sick. Happy holidays!

That will make you very ill. Last year I ate a grilled cheese that the restaurant just pulled the bacon off of after I sent it back in order to not be a bother to the staff (yes, I had ordered it without and yes I had already asked for it to be remade). Within 10 minutes I was violently ill... to the point I was trying to make myself throw up in the bathroom. I was in agony from 4:30 until I went to bed at 11:00. I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 (26 now), so no, my body could not handle it. That aside, my beliefs are my beliefs, and I don't believe I should have to take one for the team even if it wouldn't cause me severe gastrointestinal problems.

If you don't eat meat, it takes roughly 2 weeks to regain the ability to eat it comfortably again. You have to eat small amounts, and your bodies will slowly produce the enzymes again.

I have a vegetarian cousin who had to eat meat at some point, but she was in another country helping an orphanage with little access to vegetables for 3 whole months. I'm sure most vegetarians would eat meat if the other option was starving. That being said, I also think most vegetarians would prefer skipping a meal than breaking their beliefs, unless they're not strict to begin with ;P

That's a pity. It's kind of understandable that they forgot the double whammy of your requirements in all the rush of Christmas, but surely they had something left in their cupboards you could have made yourself something from at least?

They probably did have something but I didn't want to be rude and dig around I their fridge/cupboards. The attitude my grandparents have about me being a vegetarian is sometimes a bit sour so I just wanted to stay quiet about it. Happy holidays!