By forever alone - 12/05/2013 21:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I was feeling down about being the only single person out of a group of eight friends. Out of desperation, I made up "Jonny", a hot fitness instructor whom I recently hooked up with. Now "Jonny" and I have been invited to a friends' night out. FML
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Eliseopwns 22

Never lie to your friends about friends. It makes you lose your actual ones.

Good luck finding that hot fitness instructor.


dinosxxrawr 22

lovely waste of a first comment. to OP best of luck finding a hot fitness instructor to play the part of jonny.

Eisha please just stop it.

Y so up tight bro?... She's done nothing to incite an attack ✌and Dino can relax as well FOH

Good luck finding that hot fitness instructor.

Tell them Jonny had to hit the gym? For some hard training to better his already-awesome muscles?

Imagine the situation, you're a super hot guy, OP asks you to pretend to be a fitness instructor called Jonny, invites you on a night out and asks you to pretend that you're a couple..? Fail. OP needs to tell her friends that things didn't work out. Or have the balls to admit she lied. They'll be annoyed that she lied but if they're good friends they'll forgive her.

Turns out Jonny's gay...

If her friends believe that she can pull off dating a hot fitness instructor maybe she's attractive enough to find her real Johnny. Either that or pay a fitness instructor for a date instead of a workout! You can do this OP! LOL

And then she shows up to the party with a Johnny Bravo action figure.

I don't consider myself to be attractive but my boyfriend's a hot personal trainer lol, it happens

Reading all these comments... I don't know why, I picture a Mrs. Doubtfire situation.

Fun fact.. My brother is Jonny and gay.

I found the pineapple!

Eliseopwns 22

Never lie to your friends about friends. It makes you lose your actual ones.

You asked for it..

"Sorry guys, we can't make it. Johnny is taking me out to a nice dinner and afterwards we are going to make passionate love all night."

When they figure it out you're going to look even more pathetic than you would have if you had just admitted that you're single in the first place. YDI.

Maybe he'll go all TV show crazy and pay a guy at the gym to go with him. In Every single TV show it works! So why not real life? :P

I saw it on TV, IT MUST BE TRUE!

Say "Jonny" can't make it as he suddenly came down with the swine flu. No, but seriously, nothing good ever comes from lying. Embrace the single life. The right person will come in time...usually when you least expect it. In the meantime, see if you can make some single friends!

She could 'break up' with jinny because he wasn't good enough for her?

Well you only have limited time to find a"Jonny", so get out there, put your best clothes on, make yourself look irresistible and hurry up! The clock is ticking!

Just go to "Central Perks" coffee house and yell out, "Jonny! Jonny! " Hopefully someone with that name will reply and agree to a date. :P

Sorry but you so deserved it. Have you seen all the movies that that happens in and how it always ends up?

Bunny21 11

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single you know. Enjoy it and don't push it because if you do you might end up with someone that's not worth your time.