By Pastrygirl

Don't date coworkers

Today, while finishing up at work, I started helping a co-worker out with his workload since I'd finished mine. His girlfriend apparently didn't like this and started slamming things around, constantly muttering passive aggressive comments because she wanted to help him. I work with idiots. FML
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By  manofmerr  |  27

Assuming "workload" isnt strange sexual inuendo, i see nothing here that deserves the angry mutterings of a she ape. And if its such a big deal, why wasn't she helping him in the first place?

  OnlySkyrimStays  |  11

But that's a waste of a perfectly good pie.

By  species4872  |  19

Sounds like the start to a Marx Bros movie.

By  Soverain  |  15

If she really wanted to help then she shouldn't be slamming shit around and having a childish meltdown. Why can't anyone do anything decent anymore without having it become misconstrued as some ulterior motive?