By ashbox233 - United States
Today, someone reckoned that I would never be in a relationship. So I made up this whole story about some made up guy named 'Nick' and posted stuff on my Facebook and Myspace that I'm dating him. Now all my friends want to meet him. FML
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  knibbsy  |  4

50, you use Myspace because you're only 14 and you haven't been exposed to enough your life yet to realize that Myspace isn't where it's at anymore. Stay on Myspace though, and you'll learn the meaning of exposure soon enough. From a 47 year old man.

  TibbysMusic  |  1

50, Facebook gives you privacy. You just have to go to "Privacy Settings" and make your profile private. But whatever you can be ghetto on Myspace if you want.

  starberries  |  0

I don't understand why people want to have privacy on a web site that's specifically designed to share things with people. If you want something to remain private, the solution is very simple: don't post it on facebook. Just post what you want to share, and everyone will be happy.

  Mehness  |  0

92 - Yes, it's meant for sharing with people. People that you know. Do you want any random stranger to be able to go to your profile and see all your posts, who's in your family, or even pictures of you?

  lollipopXx  |  0

#1 agreed. To my knowledge, myspace is dead.

And op, you should have known better than to make something up like that. Of course they are going to want to meet "Luke", if they think you can't get a guy or a relationship. Your life sucks on the fact that you have bad common sense.

  renea890812  |  0

106, go to your privacy settings and check whats can set it up where people can only see your user name and profile pic unless they're your friend....learn to use your privacy settings people and you'll be fine

  Draminicaus  |  0

I reckon you've never travelled near the Appalachian mountains, have you? If the word "reckon" irritates you so much, I'd hate to see what the word "Orta" does to you. lol

  timskiii  |  0

yes... why do people always think that the way they say things is the way its said all over the world (or even in America)? get some cultural knowledge and possibly sensativity xP. this is why the world hates america haha!