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Today, my daughter posted a beautiful, touching status on my Facebook wall for Mother's Day. It wasn't so touching that she'd just copied and pasted the one I wrote for her grandmother and sent it back to me, unedited. FML
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I don't find that lazy. If my mom was to write something for my grandmom, and I believe that that something applies to my mother, I would copy paste to show that I hold her in the same way she her mom.

By  FalaFala  |  8

Also, this might just be me but I really can't stand people who see each other in person on a regular basis and congratulate themselves over social networks instead of in person. OP might not see her mother and daughter regularly in person, so this might not apply to her but I'm just talking in general. I just feel like posting congratulatory statuses on the facebook wall of someone you regularly see in person is just seeking attention from others who also read it. At least use the private messaging system. Again, this isn't aimed at the OP, I'm just talking in general.


That is completly false #7. People Never use Facebook as an attention seeking tool. On an unrelated note, be sure to check out my page and 'like' my recent posts about my high paying promotion, my new car, and how I have the greatest boyfriend in the entire world. But, be sure to return later to back me up about how said boyfriend is an asshole because of our recent fight and ask questions about my ambiguous status that I say is noones business but I post anyways for the world to see and comment on. Careful though, if you don't post a response supporting my thoughts and beliefs, I will unfriend you and talk crap about you in my next status.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

I post birthday wishes on my friend's walls when I wake up in the morning or early afternoon depending on the day. Then later I generally call or see them in person. That way, even if I get swamped with other things, I'm made some sort of well wishing.

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

I text the people I'm good friends with when it's midnight of their birthdays. I usually save facebook posts for not-as-close friends, family, or acquaintances I don't feel weird talking to... Or a canadian friend whom otherwise it'd cost me 10 cents or so to text to.
Saying it verbally is always the best method, Facebook is (and always should be) a last resort.


I'm actually more mature than many of my peers, and I am disappointed for the fact that many kids around me act the age of a 5 year old. Sorry for the generalisation, I did the same kind of things that you, #21, did for Mother's Day, but in my experience with other people of my generation, it has been no effort at all from them.