By Bo - 22/04/2009 13:50 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at a party. The girl I'm madly in love with referred to me as her 'Gay Friend.' She refused to kiss me in Spin-the-Bottle as 'She didn't want to do anything with anyone that night'. She then made out, and slept with, my 'best friend' whom she had never met before. FML
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scorpioserpent 1

sorry bro hate it when you love someone and its not returned


scorpioserpent 1

that's happened to me. makes u feel sad inside ;(

Waaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! sucks to be you!!!

how is she a bitch if she isnt attracted to the guy? you can't force yourself to kiss someone because they like you

i have to believe that you probably aren't in love with someone if your young enough to be playing spin the bottle.. but that sucks ass man

I don't think you have to be a certain age to be in love -_-

call her a bitch and never talk to her again.

I agree if she's a) that not into you and b) that much of a stuck up bitch tell her off she's a useless liar and not worth the time of day. Let it go and go for someone better

sorry bro hate it when you love someone and its not returned

stop tossing around the word love like it's nothing. love is sneaking over to your girlfriends house at 2am because ur parents think lesbianism is a sin. when ur in love, you shouldn't care what happens to you. you spend all your time making the one you love happy. love is a two way street, and you are on the wrong side of it jackass. welcome to reality.

slushpup9696 12

That's not exactly how I'd define love...

shut the hell up. no need to be a douche.

kabenzi 0

pot calling the kettle black. **** ur life for judging someone elses feelings. who the says ur rly in love u stupid bitch

Fork you Chelzy!! and your "lesbianism"

@216: Agreed. Real love is putting up with bullshit for a long ass time!

Failercoptor 0

Agreed with #3, it is the only solution. bitches love being treated like bitches.

bnomis 0

Ouch, that bites :( . But I can't decide who is more of an asshole- the girl you love or your 'best friend'.

Sounds like she's not worth it. Move on.

#2 - love knows no age (and neither does spin the bottle).

InigoMontoya 0

Let her go, grow up, and learn to choose who you fall in love with; as in, don't be ruled by your emotions.

actually i forgot the part where it said she slept with him... so i take back everything except for the part about that sucking