By Bo - United Kingdom
Today, I was at a party. The girl I'm madly in love with referred to me as her 'Gay Friend.' She refused to kiss me in Spin-the-Bottle as 'She didn't want to do anything with anyone that night'. She then made out, and slept with, my 'best friend' whom she had never met before. FML
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  kotabones  |  0

I agree if she's a) that not into you and b) that much of a stuck up bitch tell her off she's a useless liar and not worth the time of day. Let it go and go for someone better

  chelzy  |  0

stop tossing around the word love like it's nothing. love is sneaking over to your girlfriends house at 2am because ur parents think lesbianism is a sin. when ur in love, you shouldn't care what happens to you. you spend all your time making the one you love happy. love is a two way street, and you are on the wrong side of it jackass. welcome to reality.