By FreeTacos_ - 28/10/2015 05:23 - United States - Pueblo

Today, I told my crush that I liked her a lot. She told me not to message her when I'm drunk. FML
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Maybe do it in person next time. She'll see that you're serious about it.

Steve95401 49

Wait until you really are drunk, then text her.


Ouch, dude. Sorry to hear that. At least. now you can move on to someone else?

No kidding. A fact I know well. It's a process to get over someone. I merely meant it seems like a process he/she can start, as it sounds like the feelings aren't reciprocated.

#1, Coheed is sooo good.


Shot down! FYL OP

Are you trying to be funny by highlighting the rejection that didn't need to be highlighted?

JMichael 25

Shot down in a blaze of glory.

Steve95401 49

Wait until you really are drunk, then text her.

Well, we don't know whether or not OP was drunk, now. What if he was? (I'm using the app and can't see OP's gender, so I'm assuming OP is male)

Maybe do it in person next time. She'll see that you're serious about it.

OP should think of how she is as a person. This way he can assess to the best of his/her judgement on whether she actually believed he/she was drunk or if the girl was trying to let OP down easily. If OP knows the girl has some self esteem issues then it is more possible the girl does believe that. OP hopefully knows the girl enough to make a good judgement. Sorry if this seems confusing makes sense to me and I'm trying to explain myself best as possible.

I feel like accusing OP of being drunk isn't a nice way of rejecting someone, if that's what she was doing. I would be a lot more offended if someone said that than just "I don't feel the same". Though I'm curious how she thought that? I guess nervousness can lead to rambling texts which may be mistaken for being drunk, either way it sucks for OP =/

I agree with #30, think about how she is as a person before you do something. Because if it's not her low self esteem talking you'll probably just get rejected again... And once is more than enough to go through!

That was uncalled for.

brendejafulable 41

maybe that's her low confidence talking.

I agree with #6. This happens oftener than guys think.

now leaving OP with low confidence :/

lexiieeex3 32

Ugh #25 sorry grammar police but *more often

#61, is that so? I'm sorry! English actually isn't my first language, but that's a poor excuse, since I speak it fluently enough. :P

mds9986 24

Rule of thumb: One syllable = add "er" or "est" Two or more syllables = use more or most. Oft-en = 2 syllables I don't think it's always the case though because English is an annoying language.

At least you finally admitted your feelings. I can't even talk to my crush most of the time.

Tell her drunk people always tell the truth.

'Drunk words speak sober thoughts'

Abhimanyu 14

#9 Do you want to know the truth? :D

Well... Were you?