By BBFreak97 - United States
Today, I was watching a kid at school walk like a gangster. My teacher was standing there, so I stood behind the kid and walked like him, laughing to myself, at which point my teacher took me to one side and told me the kid was handicapped. FML
BBFreak97 tells us more :
Hey guys! I'm the one who posted this, I just wasnt a member at the time! Anyway, the reason I did it in front of my teacher was because I was really close to the teacher and I knew him well. I didn't get in trouble, I just felt bad. I also have a brother with Down Syndrome so I would never knowingly make fun of someone with a disability. I also live In an area with a ton of wanna be gangsters- which is why I assumed they were doing that.
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  Cad6  |  24

How does OP deserve this? The OP obviously would've felt bad for doing what he did, and if he didn't, he wouldn't have posted this on FML.

  HannahWho  |  8

Um, he still made fun of some kid for how he walked, non handicap or not. He saw he had an audience and used that to make himself seem better at the expense of someone else. Even if the kid had been walking "normal" that does not mean it was funny or allowed. Until you know why some kid is walking like that or they do something to you first, you need to mind your own shit. Op has obviously not learned this lesson in life.


So 57, you've never chuckled to yourself when someone did something that was funny looking or goofy? You've never made fun of a single person that was a little different? You've never done that and then realize that you shouldn't feel bad? No one's perfect.

  osnapitzaris  |  0

57 wow, then I should feel bad too because I make fun of all the idiotic boys who walk funny because they have their pants up to knees! like seriously, if you're gonna "sag" you might as well not wear any pants at all -_-

  geko911  |  22

I partly agree with 57, I don't say don't laugh a bit when ppl walk weird and ppl who have their pants down to their knees should be laughed at. But what op did was stupid and immature. He mimicked how the guy was walking and that was not proper at all. OP would have deserved to be publicly humiliated for being a plain dumbass.

  l0v3p4in  |  7

30-One must be mentally incapacitated to be unable to distinguish between a handicapped person and a gangster. There are quite a few differences mainly the clothing style, accessories, and facial expressions. Unless, OP is blind (or as aforementioned - mentally incapacitated), I can't fathom any reasonable explanation as how he could not tell the difference. HDI.