Road rage

By fUcKOAHdSAjl - 16/08/2013 18:41 - United States - Manchester

Today, my dog was riding my car's passenger seat. He clambered over onto my lap, causing me to lose control of the wheel for a few seconds. As I tried to knock him off me, I lost track of my speed, and ended up being pulled over for reckless driving. FML
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Your dog was riding the seat? Why wasn't he riding IN the seat? No wonder you got distracted.


friedpwnadge 25

More like wreckless driving. Thank god it was less of a ruff ride.

They're crazy, but at least they aren't hog wild! Eh? Eh..? I'll stop...

How big is your dog? Just be thankful you did not crash your car.

mmizbbz210 13

well i think it's safe to say that it wasnt a chihuahua...

35 doesn't know how much damage chihuahuas can cause. my brother screams bloody murder when our chihuahua jumps on his lap. the claws, mayne

the only damage Chihuahuas can cause is to piss and shit everywhere. These dogs can't even stand right for ****'s sake, they'all shake and shiver.

Not only all of that, but they're also annoying and yippy and don't shut up-most of them anyways...

chihuahuas are actually dangerous when it comes to driving. if they were to go on the drivers lap they could easily go below them and mess with their gas and brake pedals.

Your dog was riding the seat? Why wasn't he riding IN the seat? No wonder you got distracted.

It would be quite disturbing to shove his dog IN the seat, but not so much if the dog was ON the seat. :)

it would be even more disturbing if no one on this site nitpicked each other's wording. talk about freaky

RedPillSucks 31

I think #4 was conjuring the imagery of the dog riding (humping) the seat. That's much funnier than the original intent of the FML.

nurchok 15

Either way, was the dog wearing a seatbelt?

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depends if was the police or the highway my experience, the highway patrol seem to be less forgiving...

They shouldn't be too forgiving about this though. Its incredibly dangerous to drive with a loose dog.

#16 i dont have dogs, but i did drive with a grandmother raised it since it was 3 weeks old, so it didnt want to be away from its mother, so it spent the 6 hour drive crawling all over her shoulder, in front of her face, down by her feet, through the steering wheel, and across the dashboard. it finally settled down on the dash right above the steering wheel. thank goodness my grandmother is tall, dumb cat was blocking even my view. id imagine a dog is worse...i dont like dogs all that much, so i tend not to spend much time with them, especially in an enclosed vehicle.

My cat did that too at beginning of my cross country trek. He got the hint when I put him in his carrier. Let him out again, and he chilled out in my partially open suitcase. So I had most of a cat left on my clothes (he's a fluffy one), but better than an accident!

First off, a well-educated dog won't make any trouble when driving. If your dog is giving you a hard time, you're doing it wrong. Second, there's seatbealts for dogs. Even if your dog stays where he should be, using those seatbelts is a good idea in case of accidents. Third, if your car permits, putting the dog into the trunk with a divider installed is also a good option. There's nothing to be understanding about here. OP endangered himself and others by not taking the necesarry precautions, and that's his own fault.

KinkyCurly 13

You should have know better then to let your dog ride with you in the front. These things will happen..

Not to mention, the dog should be restrained. If the OP had crashed the car, the poor dog probably would have gone straight through the windshield. :(

In Alberta, Canada there is a distracted driving law that includes this. Dogs aren't allowed in the front seat without being restrained. $172 fine.

38 you are very right. I just read a news article today about a dog being thrown through a windshield and killed in a car accident in my area :(

KeannaLove 32

They do make stuff that can buckle a dog into the passenger seat so exactly this won't happen. I suggest looking into that.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I couldn't imagine strapping my dog in while taking him a ride. He'd look so sad. Get him all excited to get in the car then he'd give me those puppy eyes because he can't stick his chest out the window.

It depends on the dog, 22. Your dog just seems to enjoy a nice car ride with the breeze and doesn't sound hyper. OPs dog, on the other hand, is too crazy to ride in a car without a seatbelt or being put in the back seat.

22- Could you imagine your dog flying through the windshield when you get into a car wreck? Cause that's also an option

#22 My dog looks shattered when I don't give her chocolate, when I don't let her run into traffic and when I tell her off for ******** in the house. But I have to do those things, because y'know, I'M THE OWNER! I'm responsible for keeping her safe, regardless of whether she wants it or not. Not restraining a dog while it's in the car IS extremely irresponsible, and I hope you never have to deal with your dog flying through the windshield if you were ever in an accident.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You guys must live in the city. Absolutely no one around here has a ******* dog seat belt. There isn't enough vehicles on the road around here to even be worried about an accident unless you hit a tree or something to that matter. It ain't like I drive around with him in the bed of the truck. He sits in the back seat, doing what dogs do. I don't parade him around, I take him to get ice cream and head back home. If you get in that many accidents you'd probably be better off walking in the first place.

RedPillSucks 31

It only takes one accident. Just like you would most likely buckle up when you drive, it makes sense to have the dog restrained as well, for the same reason.

When I was ten my seventeen year old brother took me, and our dogs, out for a nice ride through what we considered "country." There were few cars, some cattle ranches, and a lot of small farms. I was holding our small dog in my lap. The other dog, Bruce, was a big lab who liked "doing what dogs do" out the back window. We didn't bother restraining him since he never bothered getting into the front seat. Someone's goats got out of their backyard and ran across the street. My brother slammed on the breaks, hit mud, and went down into a ditch, causing us to roll. Bruce got under the truck and was crushed, with his back legs nearly severed. One of the guys who lived in the house next to our crash came out and saw what happened and shot Bruce in the head. The smaller dog had a broken rib because I held on to her too tightly. So, yeah, keep your dog unrestrained and see what happens.

McNikk 15

You're lucky something much worse didn't happen.

Martinez0285 28

its revenge for humiliation only to receive a crappy dry dog biscuit

And that's why my dog doesn't get to go for car rides.