By hakura madada - 22/06/2012 19:41 - Japan - Tokyo

Today, I mistook my dog's head for the gear shift while tearing down the highway. FML
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drewnewton 0

not much of an fml for you as for it is the dog


The gear shift and OPs dog head feel the exact same...both furry apparently. Poor dog indeed.

^ And why are you complaining about it 44?

thejewishfuhrer 17

It's attention seeking. No ones likes a person like that.

nelds 12

I like my **** more than my face so I think I'm allowed to decide which feature I show in my picture.

Who would complain about a girl prancing around with her **** as her profile pic anyways? What are you, gay?

drewnewton 0

not much of an fml for you as for it is the dog

Well what could the dog do get on FML and say "Today, I was on a wonderful ride with my owner when all of a sudden he started moving my head around all weird like. FML" that would not only be funny but it would also be very weird

It's an FML for him if he just killed the family dog by breaking its neck trying to shift with it.

Inheritance 10

What's next using your dog as wind shield wipers? Yet both effective and useful, but probably illegal.

MsFML_ 16

Omg that sucks for the puppy! OP never mentioned how the puppy turned out.

Is the dog ok?! Anyway it seems like an FML for both you and the dog D:

Auf auf auf bark bark auf auf grrrrrrrr bark. FML.

awesomeguy1221 4

Drive cautiously then... No one likes a reckless driver.

While reading this FML, I can't stop remembering scenes from Tokyo drift.

There aren't any scenes in Tokyo Drift where a driver is trying to shift and grabs a dog's head...

EG14_fml 8

That is the very first thing I had in mind

A small dog died and your going to comment on how you don't like them? ..Cold.

bubbly31 0

8 & 52- It didn't even say the dog was small

lovebeecharmer 6

That's actually terribly funny

Why were you taken down the highway with a dog in the car?

Vacation Trip to the vet Fun little drive (dogs love rides) Transfer of custody in a joint custody situation Dog show Doggy playdate It's a companion animal that accompanies OP everywhere Would you like me to go on?

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dorko_is_me 6

Haha!! Thus made me laugh more!

Bliss391 7

Pretty sure I've heard this same joke by Jeff Dunham. Yep, I sure did.