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Today, my little sister came to me crying about how everyone calls her a bad driver. I gave her a pep talk, an encouraging hug, and told her not to listen to negativity. Five minutes later she wrecked my car. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

giving her a driving lesson probably would have been a better choice

You learned a very valuable lesson: NEVER try to convince bad drivers that they are anything but. It gives them false security and makes them drive even worse, thinking they aren't as bad as they are. Your sister is proof of that. But I swear if I see one "women drivers" comment, I will blow a gasket.


jerseyboy732 16

giving her a driving lesson probably would have been a better choice

Telling her to not listen to negativity was a bad idea. What were you thinking? She needs to listen to criticism. That's how we improve.

xblair 11

I hope your car has insurance OP! :)

Inheritance 10

And they say girls are better drivers .. Pfft other way around >.>

Wow, that's just sad. How did she pass her test anyways?

Inheritance 10

With a little *nudge nudge* if you know what I mean ;)

Octwo 16

Test drives, at least where I live, are usually a joke. Depending on the person testing you, some people get away with getting handed a license for being able to drive 100 ft and make a U-turn. Half the people here should not be driving.

cardonaj70 3

In Mexico you only have to reach the pedals to drive

Girls now days try and get by on looks so they end up graduating by not learning anything.

LunaDragon 10

Well you should be, it's all your fault! Now go stand in a corner.

@99 As if you sound mature yourself.

Should have gone with the consensus on this one, haha.

FML Should have been "nek minut she wrecked my car"

Airman1988 9

Irony:The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning. There, I hope you learned something!!! SMH

I get thumbed down for posting logic. Wow.

Well it's not irony A better definition, although I don't believe in it, would be karma, she (op is obviously a she) got her car wrecked for giving bad advice

Airman1988 9

17 I understand what you were doing but you probably got thumbs downed for the condescending tone to your reply, it was at worst an honest mistake by me no need for negativity. So I make occasional grammer and spelling errors or misuse a word, so what? It's not as if its intentional but this isn't a English/grammar instruction it's a humor site. I just think people focus on the wrong thing too much.

It's not the irony that people generally talk about, but it is in a sense it is quite a good example of dramatic irony. If the two were living in a play and not the real world, OP would be the character who is not aware of how bad her sister's driving actually is. She doesn't forsee her sister crashing her car, but anyone else might predict it. When the character says, "You're not a bad driver," and the sister crashes her car afterwards, it's dramatic irony. Little bit of a simplification, but there ya go. Dramatic irony. Fun, fun, let's learn about dram-a! :D

Here's the rundown 35. "This isn't a English/grammar instruction it's a humor site." Three things. 1) It's supposed to be AN English/grammar instruction. 2) There is supposed a comma in between instruction and it's. 3) Just because this is a humor site DOES NOT excuse you from using proper grammar and punctuation.

Airman1988 9

I guess we just have different priorities for our use of a humor site, so you have fun tripping over peoples slight incorrect use of grammar and I'll continue to enjoy it for its intended purpose.

Going simply on your view, 41, I'm afraid I would disagree with you. Putting a comma between "instruction" and "it's" would be inappropriate. I would suggest a semi-colon if I were you. The forum would become quite congested if we focused on these sort of things all the time.

Starwind - While I applaud your efforts, your original premise is wrong. This story IS ironic. You would expect that the girl would be a good driver since she is complaining about people thinking she's a bad driver. She then proves that she's a bad driver. As Airman said, that's irony.

justhanging 6

#41 "2) There is supposed a comma in between instruction and it's." I think you a word.

41- There is nothing wrong with correcting someone, but you're being a complete dick right now. I'll admit that there are some idiots on this site (excluding Airman) that actually need correcting, but this is different. As Doc said, this is in fact irony, which renders your original argument invalid. In terms of ranting about Airman's few grammar mistakes, you need to chill out.

Ok Doc, my bad. I'm not one to argue with an FML vet. I would also like to apologize for coming out as a dick in general.

FML vet? Lol this site isn't old enough to have vets. Lol at The fact that you act like the so called vet deserves some sort of respect.

63, there are many names that are well known around here. Doc, perdix, skoomaki, and many others. They normally know what they're talking about and are almost always thumbed up. Argue with them, and don't be surprised of the bad outcome. I already had my own bad experience with shrike .

I have gone against some before, but I just think its unnecessary for them to receive unneeded attention. I'm not trying to bash them. I'm just saying.

BRLHP - You have a point. It isn't a bad idea to argue with someone when he's wrong. It is, however, a bad idea to argue with someone who is A) good at arguing and B) right.

I personally just find it funny how everything starwind says gets thumbed down.

DISCLAIMER: The comment you are about to read will be terrible. Viewer discretion is advised. Ahem starwind? Ewe our da waurst tipe o comenter. Lyk u knead 2 chill out: aight? U jus got to luv they're irony ov dis shitty situation, cuz it sucks. :) #UFealinMeh? There ya go buddy, correct that.

76, I am disappointed with myself because I read that with little problem.

The responses to 7 were more entertaining than the FML itself. Thank you FML.

I guess I'm just not stupid enough to make an incomprehensible comment. Shame on me.

Oh my god 76. I apologized and owned up to my mistakes and I'm still getting bashed? What the ****?

It's because you were such a dick about everything.

FortuneCookie3 1

She just wanted to prove you wrong.

i would have done the same.....minus giving her my keys