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Today, I called my boyfriend to tell him how sweetly the main character on my favorite tv show proposed to his girlfriend. He told me to hang on a second, and later forgot about me while he told his brother about the hot blonde he slept with last night. FML
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Smooth... What's wrong with people? Is being faithful really out of style?

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It's really funny because he slept with another chick and ur dating. hopefully ex's now.

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I hope you dumped that asshole

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist. Nobody is born gay--it's a choice! FTW!! FTW!! FTW!!! Epic Fail FTW! Your butthole FTW! Overused cliche acronym FTW! Somebody's comment is "win". It's just so full of "win". Do you realize how ******* cool I am? Dur dur dur I'm cool coz I comment on every single FML. I am too cool for school ftw ftw ftw ftw ftw.

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Well that just sucks doesn't it?

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uh uh rudeness. why did you stay on the phone? ps. your hopefully bf is an asshole.

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Wow... Myke, c'mon dude. I realize we're online but can we act even just a little mature? But I feel it's safe to assume with your ignorant comments you lack an intelligence level enabling you to do anything mature.My mistake.

he's right though I am trolling hard. He "wins" for feeding! :)

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You're right, I have no sense of humor. I will now proceed to jump off a cliff.

You do realize my name isn't really Myke right? Sound it out. 3 times fast now...

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47 looks like Justin Bieber.

twinny_sc 13

Yes of course you are, and I'm all three Jonas brothers.

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do you know what they call the loose, worthless skin around your ******? YOU

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I think it's weird that you called him up to tell him that... But still, I hope you dumped his stupid ass.

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That kid is not JB that's is annoying!!! dang and quit saying you are. he is a 9yr. kid who hasn't hit pubitery yet

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65 LMFAO REAL WIN... OP FYL and dump his ass he doesn't deserve you...

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4 no it's not funny because legonut didn't say it

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haha that's funny sounds like sumthin I would do ;) jk

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OMG!!! 64, you're all three of the Jo Bros!!! *SKWEEEEE!!!*

Prototype12 likes waffles! He's just sayin. It's funny coz it coulda been worse and it's moist. Nobody's born gay--it's a choice! Epic Fail! Overused cliche acronym FTW! Its just so full of "win". Dur dur dur Its cool to comment on every single FML. Too cool for school ftw ftw ftw. My IQ is 75 dur dur and that's a magic number...

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I don't think any nine year old boy has hit puberty yet. Justin Bieber is 16 years old and looks like an asshole that just got ****** by a horse. : D

after the jb comment Ima share a story :D my friends sister has this friend who is obsessed with jb. so she made a fake MySpace for "Justin Beiber" she then added her friend on it and asked her out! she said yes lol and then we told her that his real name was justine and he lip synced because he finally hit puberty.:D

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never call your boyfriend bout thats its so annoying

wow he's joking and you're getting upset about that on fml, how immature grow up and learn to joke with people not put them down and get mad it's just pathetic lol

This sums up half the people on the internet brilliantly, congratulations #186

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lol damn... how did you find out tho?

well it's better than finding out he slept with a guy?!!

I don't see how that would be better or worse.

geez ignorance, bit harsh don't ya think?

marinus: Well THAT'S better than finding out he slept with his brother... or overhearing it happen. O.o

ignorance - I'm not gonna argue. you're entitled to your opinion. #43 I guess you're right :) but still sucks for OP.

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that kid is not JB shut up! dang that's annoying

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woah there man calm down. this is the second time you said this.

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^^ weird obsession with Beiber i'm assuming.

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Kinda sucks that all the interesting comments (like Ignorance's, which I often find hilarious) get modded or otherwise disappeared. OP: Your boyfriend is fail, but so are you for calling HIM to gossip about a TV show. A round of fail for all of you!

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how'd she find out? she over heard him on the phone while talking to his brother. did you even read the whole thing?

99- says the guy with the same false sense of coolness as JB, nice backwards hat and Jersey shore pose

why would he care? fyl but you're an idiot

Do the same to him when he calls!! if he calls ur cell, use ur house phone and talk to one of ur friends about how you slept with this hot hunk and all this, he'll hear everything and it'll be all good:)

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Yes because op was sooooooo stupid when her boyfriend became a cheating ass.

Smooth... What's wrong with people? Is being faithful really out of style?


I think it's a Pokemon. One-trick Ponyta. That's what OP really stands for.

Fuhohohohoho!~ There you go, darling. You get your laugh, because that comment really did make me laugh. Well played!~ have a problem with that? I call everyone 'darling'. needs some work, darling. It sounds so...flat!

I hope you can hear what I'm about to say.

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hmm ignorance you enjoy being annoying dontcha?

Ignorance happens to be one of the few people who isn't annoying. This website is full of immature people who can't accept the fact that if something they say is incorrect, it should be corrected.

EH...I don't find "Ignorance" annoying. I've dealt with oh-so much worse people in my time, darling.

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Loofah you just said it. She corrects people, and it is annoying. I would also like to ask Skroal to return. He was a true genius :)

She corrects comments because some people find it annoying to see so many errors. Yes, it takes a true genius to rewrite the FML.

Much better than skroal regurgitating the FML.

ydi for dating a douche ydi for having a bf ydi for having a phone ydi for being cheated on with a blonde by ur douche bf and finding out by eavesdropping via a forgotten about phone

Sounds to me like he left you on the phone to hear it on purpose. What a jerk. FYL

FYL...but YDI if you're still with the prick.

perhaps he was trying to hint something to ze girlfriend.

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ydi for thinking he would care about your show

15 - yeah, I agree with you! lol who cares? haha